Sunday, December 31, 2006


Just a quick hello from me to wish all Bloggers a FANTASTIC 2007 xxx
I hope the New Year brings you all you hope for.

Thanks to those who have commented on my blog the last year - It has been a fun journey so far - more is yet to come though!

I will keep my resolutions to myself for now as I am compiling a list - and it is VERY long ........... Lets just say I am planning World Domination somehow xxxxxxx

Love and hugs to all - and I will raise a cuppa later for you to toast in the New Year (May even have a glass of vino)

Will catch up properly in New Year (IE, Tomorrow as to Blog properly is on my list!!!!!)

Love Bexster xxxxxxxx

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Listen for the Beep!!!

It's Supermarket Sweep!!!!!

OMG thanks for the nudge Kathy - I am slacking...........
Have been busy busy Bex this end.
I decided i do need a proper job and now is a bad time of year to find one. So have fulfilled an item on my "to do before I'm 30" list. (No need to point out I am 32 thanks)
I am now working until Christmas Eve in Tesco's Supermarket as a check out chick.

Does it get any better than that? 2 weeks to play on tills - and I worked Sat and yesterday and had the BEST time. There is something to be said about "non serious" work where you walk away and apart from the odd beep all is forgotten.
My sister will vouch I am a workaholic and whenever I get a "proper job" I progress up the ladder at an alarming rate and burn out ............... I think I have this sussed now though having been self employed for a few years.
So yes I have applied for proper jobs but have gone mid scale with less pressure and am trying to avoid the City like the plague .......... will find out about a job in the next few days and sort of hoping I don't get it as is immediate start and erm I have one job already!!!

SO OK boring stuff over.
I am blown away this evening by one of my sisters - yep Rachie.
I totally took the piss and emailed her 36 hours before flying home - having been on the road for 7 weeks and asked her to go craft shopping for me.
Now some of you will know that Rach is an ACE shopper. In fact I have heard if their was a shopping Olympics she may win. BUT craft shopping in a US Craft Superstore come Cattle market this time of year????? I knew I was pushing boundaries................

BUT OMG Rach you came through sweetheart and I am SO chuffed. With Chest Infection and all you ventured to some unknown space on your last day of freedom armed with a list in a foreign language about ribbons, crop a diles, paper packs, brads ................................ I am guessing some lovely assistant helped you cos blimey you did good xxxxx
Heaven knows what you have bought but I am a mighty excited bunny and appreciate it MUCHLY.

So to any blogger who may think Rach is a Megastar (WHICH OF COURSE SHE IS) well hey I am also hoping she proves to be a MEGA CRAFT SHOPPER!!!
In fact I have spent hours shopping with Rach and never taken her into a craft shop so plan to do a rapid training exercise in the New year so future trips she may feel the need to go craft shopping .................... likely not!!!

Right well you may sense I am excited - (a) cos Rach and Pete are coming home and will be able to see my new house and catch up with copious amounts of tea but also cos (b) I now know she is armed with some serious craft stash

Right I need to get back to crafting - I am making an "all occassions" album for my eldest sister Sarah which is like a diary of events that need cards sending - and I plan to wrap it with around 30 cards to see them through the year ................... I will have the album done hopefully by tomorrow - but working late so may be a day or so before I post pics.

OH and did I mention I love Rach for shopping for me (although I am horrified that less than 2 hours after emailing me to say she was just out of bed she was back and shopped - I would have been there ALL Day!)
Ah well bless her little cotton socks for trekking out and keeping crafty Bex in supplies!!!!!!

Love to all and PROMISE to post some pics of Album for sis in the next couple of days xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Time to relax I feel

OMG I say that like I have been working hard which is a joke..........
But hey - did another event tonight-only 2 hours at the most fantastic health farm resort ......... reckon it could cost me as I now want to join after seeing a) the fabby pool and b) the fit men wandering about!

So I think I will call it the end of season for me on the craft market front. I have an opportunity of a pitch the weekend after next but all this lugging around of boxes etc is a bit tiresome .......... hard life I lead I know.

Besides - I have a HUGE list of things to make for family and friends so I may now just sit back and do that at leisure till the New Year.
I also need to get a website up and so I reckon that will give me the excuse to stay in the warm, event free!

Am really relieved to hear that Delbuts Son is OK - I was worried there for a while - It is a sick world we live in at times - so Del take a once only hug from me love xxxxxxxx I am not nice often but will be this once. In fact have a pint on me and I will chuck you the couple of quid at the next jam meet. Normal Banter will resume quick smart so get ready

Right that is all from me.
I am ready to unwind and chill out - and my sis is home next week which means for a bit of effort I can get nice free lunches. (Who said it was a good idea to move away from them eh? "Free lunches" are now like an hour away!!!!)
Ah well I reckon that will allow free lunch plus shopping in my book

Hope all bloggers are well and healthy and ready for the festive season which surprisingly seems to be about to bite our bums in the very near future!

Love and hugs - and hopefully I can get back to creativity now events are over
Oh - and any ideas of what to make Pete are wholly welcome - as I have promised all family they will get at least one handmade gift - fool that I am

Love Bex xxxxx

Monday, December 04, 2006

Has it really been that long!

Crikey I have well and truly neglected my blog of late - so sorry blog and sorry anyone who kept coming back only to find the same old post sitting there.
I will try to get back to daily blogging again!

Well i have been manically busy - I did a 2 day craft event this weekend that was a real laugh. My good ole man trekked all the way up from Southend on both days to help and it was SO nice to spend time with him chatting and laughing and eating far too many cakes and drinking far too many cups of coffee. Fab - think I might sign him up as my regular "elf" helper.

So what is new in the land of Bex. Bugger all I think!! I have another event on Wednesday which I think will be the last for the year - unless I decide to go mental and book anything else.
I have SO many Christmas presents still to make and have seen so many fab things on various forums and blogs that I am looking forward to just sitting and playing for a while.

I know a few of you have asked whether i have a website - well nearly! I am working away at it and hope to go live by the end of the week. I need to find out the International Shipping costs to see if it will be viable to ship to the US - but to be honest the exchange rate as it is at the moment may not be good for you!
So as soon as it is live you will know about it.
Right only a brief post from me as I am off out to a meeting.
Which I have been moaning about all day - as having spent 2 days in arctic temperatures I feel the need to hibernate in the warm ............ fat chance
OK no more moaning from me as I am actually very happy after having such a lovely weekend - and very excited to finally be able to stop making cards and make some fabby Xmas pressies!!

Cool bananas
Love Bex xxxxxxxxxxxx