Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Back to Work .......

Always a low point of my week - although I have to say I have SO much work on at the moment that at least the day flies by - so I am not moaning (much)

So today - well busy day at work and complaining to my letting agency about the "leak /Torrential downpour" that is my bedroom.
I just LOVE my letting agency - when my fridge broke it took 7 weeks - so the expectations on fixing a potential ceiling collapse leak situation where pretty low.

Afte having them on repeat dial from 9am they finally answered the phone at 10.
Came back to me at 2pm to say that "the company" they use (LIKE how many flippin builders are out there - is it just one?) were very busy today and couldn't come out till tomorrow .........
I calmly replied - Not a problem - I have my landlords mobile number and will let him know as potentially if it rains tonight he has a major problem on his hands .............
Funny - they came back within 10 minutes to say someone will be out later today.

SO at 3.30 I get a call at work to say they will be here in 40 minutes - so I leave work early and hack it home.
AND Bob the builder and his buddy (who I think was actually 12 years old) turn up.
They would love a cuppa - well yes fix the roof.
Oh dear they don't have a ladder - didn't realise one was needed.

OK - So at this point I am very tempted to ask if they thought I lived in a 4 foot tall house - what with it being a ROOF that needs fixing. BUT instead I smile sweetly and suggest they find a ladder and when they do I will reward them with a cuppa.
So off they trot - reappear with a ladder and fix it. PHEW.
And poor sods - it peed it down while they were up there - BUT if they had had a ladder when they first arrived they would have been home before the rain started! All heart me eh?

SO then I surf the web and find my sis has an In The Attic Show on - and of course it would be rude not to slob in front of the PC and watch it. AND BOY do they go on and on and on - 2 hours! 2 Hours when I should be crafting!
Have to say it was great to see the gang together again and I have very fond memories of pre full time work days ........... chilling out with the gang, making tea .......... bliss.
So they are off to Europe now - and I would love to be able to tag along as glorified tea maker / companion - but sadly work calls. (MUST remember to book tea lady slot for Glastonbury though!!)

SO if you have got this far - I bet you are wishing I had crafted eh? Posts are much shorter and less rambling - BUT I like to ramble once in a while!!!!
So off to find pics and paper to do a LO tomorrow night ............... Back to crafting Bex
Love n Hugs to all
Love Bex

Monday, May 28, 2007

Time .............

Has flown by this weekend!

Didn't get as much crafting done as I would have liked today due to a bedroom ceiling leak ......... was on bucket and towel duty all day!!!
Ah well - I did ignore the leak for an hour or so tonight to alter a timepiece - one of the challenges.
So here it is - all ready for a budy at work who is having a hard time and needs a gift I think xx
Will continue with the challenges this week - promise x But sadly back to the day job tomorrow

Love Bex

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ooh another one done!

I am loving this weekend - Pure crafting heaven xxxx
So here is my take on the OH BABY challenge. Which is simply to scrap a baby pic!
This little darling is my nephew and I have tried to do a different style from my normal.
Papers are BG Urban Couture I think!
The base with the big flowers is one sheet which has been cut and made to be 3D etc which the pic doesn;t show very well .........
But I think as the subject is just too cute for words that I am happy with it!
Right on to the next challenge ....... I still have 5 more to do!
So if you want to play pop along to JUST BEX FORUM
Happy Crafting - be back with more tomorrow xxxx
Love Bex

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Next One - Will photograph in daylight and edit tomorrow

OK so another challenge done - not sure I have done the sketch justice - may add more to it tomorrow
And of course will take a daylight pic rather than a 9.30 om naff dark pic!

Love Bex

One more down ........

7 to go!

So I have completed the "No Reason" Challenge. As in make a card for no specific reason.

OK No time for chatting - 7 more to do including altering a clock and heaven know how many LO's! Good job it is a looooong weekend

Love Bex xx

Friday, May 25, 2007

Something for the weekend??

I have launched 10 crafty challenges over on the JUST BEX FORUM and so if you want to pop along and play please do!
I had hoped on being mega organised and having lots of samples to show - but as it works out I am happy now that I am a disorganised mess - BECAUSE I can Join in properly and play!
So 3 days of glorious crafting here I come x
So Far I have completed 2 of the challenges.
The first is to make something to brighten up the fridge!
SO here is my take on it - It is a small magnetic tin containing an accordian featuring my sisters "kids"

And I have also completed a card for the "All Four One" Challenge

Right no time to chit chat - I have some serious crafting to do xxxx

Love Bex

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

OK Back and Focused x

OK folks sorry for being vile yesterday - shit happens
I am still angry like a little ball of angry Bex so will turn this into creativity x

SO anyone who is anyone I have spent most of today at work planning challenges for the FORUM.
So if you want to be challenged and meet a fab group of crafters then sign on up!

On Friday I am planning to launch 10 challenges - YES 10 - I am mad and on a roll x
All are planned and ready to go - and I am up to number 4 to show as examples - so come and play xxxx Lots of prizes will be up for grabs as always
So if you want to be involved you know where to find me x
Love and hugs to all
Bex xx

Monday, May 21, 2007

A Bad Day

I HATE Mondays
And today has been a bad one.

Had some really sad news today that someone who I adored has died of a heart attack - and he was only 36. I won't say too much - only that don't ever think Cocaine is fun and recreational and trendy - it IS NOT. It F's you up and takes hold of you and you are not in control - LEAVE IT ALONE.

And so on that note - here endeth the lesson of Bex
Sorry - no crafting today x
I will be back soon with happy crafty posts - promise - let me have a day to wallow in PJ's first xxxxxx

Love Bex

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sore Head!

Had a VERY hard week at work working in the warehouse - they made no allowances for the fact that I am a little girlie - and as a result I am exhausted and ache all over!

Fab night out with the girls last night - BUT boy am I suffering today - and will be doing it all over again tonight at a Ball. The thought of wearing heels is not a good one ...... my feet are in need of slippers!

Roll on tomorrow when I plan to be in PJ's all day crafting x
So if you want to play then check out the Forum for some new challenges x

Have a good one all,
Love Bex

Just Bex Challenge Cards

Template Challenge From the following sketch
And a bit of Pink and Black for Jo's Challenge!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Scraplift Challenge

OK So here is my attempt at Scraplifting Jens Page on Just Bex Forum
A Fairly simple LO compared to what I normally do - but this is the whole point in being challenged!
I have to say that this LO does not do justice to Jens original - which just jumped out at me as stunning.
SO first time doing a scraplift and I am sure over on the forum I will be challenged to do so again soon!

So to anyone reading this who wants an exciting fun filled place to hang out - with the emphasis really on craft - and lots of prizes ........... well then come and check us out!

OK Forum pimping over - I am off to eat cheese and bacon loaded Jacket Potato Skins .......... YUM!!!!!

Love Bex

Saturday, May 12, 2007

New Baby

As yet unamed.

And I LOVE her already - she is SO tiny and nippy and VERY fun to drive. I am quite loving having to hit second and third gear sort of immediately!!!

The beast was an ace drive for playing boy racing - but this little thing has lots of poke and attitude.

MUST remember how tiny she is though cos first attempt at parking she was about 2 foot away from the kerb ..........

Ooh and must dash - as had a bit of a spending spree in Primark today - and along with about 10 Tshirts, 2 work tops and a snuggly hoody, I also got NEW PJ's, and NEW bed socks - and blimey all for £30!!!!! I SO love a bargain spree xxxxx
Love Bex

Monday, May 07, 2007

Busy Bex

I have had the BEST weekend!
So what have I been up to ...............
Well I will start with crafty reveals. Jen Challenged us with LOADS of challenges over on the Just Bex Forum

We have all week to play to win the RAK on offer but so far I have completed .........
HalfMap Challenge! To scrap 6 x 12

I have a HUGE album here all dated - with the most fantastic pictures detailing my Dads childhood - up to 19! OK so they have been brutally stuck down with nasty glue - but I am on to healing them and preserving them! So this is the first 2 pics of Dad scrapped.
And aw wasn't he cute! AND it is scary - I can recognise him in the second pic!

Then onto the Challenge to scrap inspired by an ad, OK I sort of followed the ad layout but drew more from the hint of purple in it - never scrapped in purple!
And this picture of my Mum was just perfect! In the photo you can actually see tears down her cheeks where she had been laughing so hard!
I have added hidden journalling on a tag behind the picture which reads .............

You had the most infectious laugh I have ever known. You had the ability to make everyone laugh – half the time you were laughing so hard you couldn’t explain what was funny – but we all found ourselves laughing with you. (And at you!) You had a total lack of ability to control your laughter once you started, and the memory of you in your “headmistress” hat setting off 120 children during Father Robin’s sermon at Mass will stay with me forever x Although no one ever did work out what set you off …………….

And now I have moved on to the challenge set around a colour wheel website where you are given 3 colours to scrap with.

OK I am not impressed with my colours but will report back!!!!!

Hope you are all well and enjoyed a lovely BH weekend

Love Bex

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bank Holiday Bliss!

Ooh I love a Bank Holiday Weekend!
I have loads of mundane jobs to do but I won't bore you with the details
Instead I will ramble on about the excitement I am feeling right now!

I really cannot believe that one week ago I decided to start a forum. Friday Night it was.
So I downloaded software and started playing. On Sunday Night the forum was uploaded and then it all went MAD!

I am SO excited by it all. Already we have ..........
80 Members on board - It feels so friendly already - thanks to all x
3 Competitions running with fantastic prizes
SB Challenges for National Scrapbooking Day launched by the fabulous Jen
And 2 Fantastic companies sponsoring us to make sure we have lots of prizes to offer!
TandaStamps and Craft Obsessions

I am wondering if I will suddenly wake up and it has all been a dream?
So come along and see if it is really true or just a Bex dream!


Love Bex xx

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Scrap Where You are At ........

Well here is my take on the challenge!
I have to say I am not happy with it really - but then am I ever!
I definately need to buy a decent camera because mine is officially naff.
But here is my interpretation of it. I haven't lived here long so have added pics of the 4 key areas of my craft space. Which is very difficult to get decent pics of ...... far too much wood!
Then I have added a reminder of what I am into right now, blooms, rub ons etc.
Things change so quickly in the trends and what is available that I am sure in 3 months my favourite things will be different - so I have documented now for my "Book of Me"

If you want to play with this challenge then details of the prizes and where to go for more information are in my previous post.

love Bex

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Crazy 24 Hours!

Hello All!
Well I am still smiling this end (as always)
BUT Crikey the last few days have been manic - especially the last 24 hours!
Today I have felt like a bit of a Superwoman ........ Dealing with housework, car problems, New Website, securing sponsorship deals for said site, monitoring and sorting out formatting on new site AND MOST IMPORTANTLY crafting!

I have set a comp up on the forum for the first challenge to "Scrap Where You Are At" from a creative point of view.
And boy did it get me quite emotional!
I had this sudden flash that I am right where I want to be right now.
I have a fantastic new home and craft room within it.
I have a fantastic new forum that really is mine .......... that is going to take some getting used to!
And I am happy with my work and am about to be published!
So what more does a crafter need? NOTHING
(And of course on a personal level I have fantastic family and friends and Maisie which makes it TOTALLY cool.) I just suddenly realised that I am Blissfully happy!

Well of course I need more paper but that will ALWAYS be the case!!!!
SO I will show my layout tomorrow but I would like to leave it 24 hours for people to interpret the challenge in their own way before I show my LO x
BUT here is the prize on offer - perfect for a newbie scrapper or an existing one!
Too much to list here and details are on the forum but an album, paper, ribbons, blooms, clips, brads .............

And where oh where can you win this lovely stash?

Well over at Just Bex of course!!! http://justbex.co.uk/phpBB2/index.php

Come and say hello - there is so much going on already and in the next few days we will be launching a fantastic rubber stamping challenge with an amazing prize donated by TandaStamps

Ooh I could almost pee my pants with excitement!

Love Bex xxxx

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

In Shock

I really am
The last 2 days have been hectic to say the least - but GOOD hectic.
As you know from previous post I launched a craft forum on Sunday night
And well - it has been received positively so far with some familiar faces and some fantastic new faces.
I am SO chuffed and excited.
A big shout out to 2 fantastic mates who are really helping me on the right track to achieving just what I want to. Emine and Sue you are THE BEST xxxxxxxxxxxx
And so here is my attempt at the first challenge launched on MY forum lol.
Thanks Sue for providing an ace template whilst I was pretending to be important with an excel spreadsheet at work x
SO here is Sue's template

And here is a very simple take on it. Cos simple is as simple does or whatever the saying is x

OMG AND I almost forgot to "Pimp" the forum.

The link is http://justbex.co.uk/phpBB2/index.php and if you are a serious crafter who would like to be challenged and win prizes then please do visit.

Love Bex