Sunday, July 29, 2007

Some more challenges completed for the Just Bex Forum!

Challenge 12 - To use shaped scissors.
Well i found some - and have now realised why they were not even in my craft room but had instead been relegated to the box in the spare room!
Me and shaped scissors do not agree - and I am not sure we ever will - but here is my effort!

Challenge 10 - To use Charms!
Well I have quite a lot of charms here - and I have to say I am not sure the last time I used one.
However - After seeing all the fab ways of using them on the forum I may just revisit them and start using them up! Not sure i would buy more though.
So here is my effort using a wee baby charm!

Challenge 17 - Chocochino Colour Challenge
A fab challenge from Est to make a card using chocochino colours! (As in the drink sold in Thorntons apparently :))
So here is a erm Brown card!

Right I also have 3 LOs on the go that I am determined to finish so off I go.
And if you fancy a challenge then head on over to the forum and have fun!

Love n Hugs

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Challenge 15

OK so on to Challenge 15 over at the forum
This one was set by the fab Esther and involved using a card using pink and green, Oh sorry, Succulent Strawberry and cool Kiwi!
I have borrowed this stamp off my best buddy Sue - and today I have stamped about 20 of her for future use as she is quite sweet!

I have also completed a LO challenge but light is fading so will add it tomorrow when I can photo it in daylight x

And to anyone reading who believes in the power of positive thought - please say a prayer / send positive vibes to the gorgeous Sue (SuesJoy) as she is in hospital at the moment and facing surgery on Tuesday. I have EVERY faith that she will be just fine - but positive thoughts really can't do any harm eh?
So huge love and hugs go out to Suesjoy and her family x
Love Bex

Challenge 19 - A Card Lift

OK I couldn't resist making a crimbo card from Nicky's Fabulous Card lift challenge!
Papers are the gorgeous Crate Papers ........ YUM.
Love Bex

Template Challenge

OK I am starting on a catch up mission ......... slowly!
The Team Challengers on the Forum are fantastic and have set 19 challenges for me to play with ..............
So here is the first.
Sue set a template challenge which I have translated into this little effort x
Love Bex

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Poundland Challenge!

So over at the Forum the Team Challengers are doing a FAB job at keeping us busy!
Lisa set a really hard challenge to produce a LO for under a quid.
Now I will admit to being a total paper snob. So I was not prepared to rummage around for scraps etc and tried to do something with some of the fab stash I have here.
One excel spreadsheet later and a LOT of cursing I have achieved the above LO which cost 99p.

OK SO I am lucky that I bought this Crate Paper at Trade price :) Which did help ...........
But hey - I am a paper snob - did I mention that?

So the above layout is my Dads Wedding Day pic from 6 years ago. Bless :)

Love Bex xx

Saturday, July 21, 2007

MIA - Sorry!

So as an apology a rare treat for you - or not as it may be :)
About time I revealed a recent pic of me - and you should feel honoured as I am totally camera phobic (with good reason!)
So here is a very recent pic - a couple of weeks ago in fact. (Oh and I am the blonde one - the dark haired beauty is my gorgeous sister x)
Taken at Wembly AFTER standing for like over 2 hours watching some band ...............
So yes I was hot and sweaty and shiny and tired.
But here I am xxxxx

SO bring back the crafting I hear you shout - well It will happen.
But suffering a bit at the moment with all work no play syndrome I am afraid - am on to it though :)

Love n Hugs

Monday, July 09, 2007

Still Playing catch up - as I always am!
So a few cards made - the first one was for a challenge set by Samm to include a mode of Transport on a card or Layout. SIMPLE I know - but I am not spending hours making stuff for a 4 year old (and a 3 year old - did 2!) Cos they really do not give a toss about cards - they want presents. Crikes in this day and age probably a PS3 or IPOD !!!!!! So there xxxx

This one is for a challenge set by Esther. To make a card using blooms .............

Easy - I have hundreds of the bloomin things!!! Not sure about this one - but it is made and my 200 target is now down to 180 ...............

Well it is actually lower but until I provide proof it is 180 ........ so watch out for the next installment!

And if you want a challenge - or about 100 it seems - pop on over to the forum where the team challengers are quite frankly AWESOME at keeping us all busy!!

More tomorrow x

Love Bex

Sunday, July 08, 2007

On a Mission Day 2!
OK so today I have made another 10 cards for stock using up stuff!!
The choice this morning was the Basic Grey Stella Ruby Pad and I am pleased to say I have made a dent in it!
5 Cards made using the paper - then I got bored with it (Mind you I was using the same stamped image which I Stamped yonks ago using Sues fabby stamp!)
Ah and of course it fits in nicely with the fashion challenge over at the forum!

I then decided I had rather spoilt myself and should in fact use some papers that I have never used and had for a Looooong time!

So I made 5 more - but will save them to show during the week just in case I achieve nothing else!

Love n Hugs


Saturday, July 07, 2007

On a Mission!

Oh yes I am. I have decided that as from now I am on a spending ban until I have made 200 cards for stock. (Which I hate to say would make a dent in my paper stash - but not one that I would mega notice!)
This might sound drastic - BUT I have so much stuff here - so apart from essentials like glue and double sided tape - that is it until 200 cards made! I do intend to do this by the next pay day obviously :)

So today I have managed to finally return the broken sewing machine and exchange it for a shiny working one - YEY!
So the first tray of papers selected to actually "use" are the fantastic Junkitz Love Lines. Honestly these papers are FAB. The above cards are all fairly simliar, and VERY simple in design, tbh these papers sort of lend themselves to the same sort of card. But I have made 12 today so that is only 188 to go! Still have loads of the paper too .........
And these cards count as one of the challenges over on the Forum. To use those rose buds that you all have lurking somewhere ......... I haven't used artificial flowers in AGES but thanks to Sues challenge not only have I used a handful out of the drawer FULL ........ But I kind of like them again!

So OK on to the next paper tray - or shall I pick a 6 x 6 pad?
Endless choices ...................

Will report back with more tomorrow x
Love Bex

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Tag from Est (Via Kirsty Initially)

OK I hate Tags as you know - but this is a good one sort of and interesting - so please play!
I will upload the MASSES of crafty stuff soon = have a new camera and still playing to get decent pics etc
BUT also I have some FAB bloggers who are not crafters - so this is for you xxxxxx

My roommate and I once: Erm OMG what did me Kate & Karen not get up to!!! (OK no dirty stuff Del) Mainly we went out on the Piss then got home and played the boardgame Risk. Sad but Oh So Cool!

Never in my life have I: Neglected those around me. Whatever I have going on I think i am always available for anyone who needs me.

High school was : Erm an experience that felt like a big paper bag of rebellion that I punched through. But I punched gradually as my Mum was Head Teacher :)

When I'm nervous : My palms sweat - but tis OK I run them through my hair and all is dry and well lol (then go home and wash hair!)

My hair : Is blonde and mega curly - I should spend more time straightening it and looking good - but life is far to short to be arsed - so I slick it back in a ponytail 90% of the time x

When I was 5 : I really upset my Grandma. We were at Pontins and I totally destroyed my Sisters bed "arrangement" - threw her teddies everywhere. Then denied it = but had been seen in the act. Can't remember why I did it but my Grandma remembered it for years ...............

When I turn my head left : At work I see a very gorgeous guy called Sam who makes me laugh. He is 23 without a care in the world and he is so funny. Ar home I see the kitchen that needs cleaning always ...............

I should be : less of a bitch - But my bitching is always fun and tbh well justified!!!!!

By this time next year : Far too big a question - so will settle for as happy as I am now x

My favorite aunt is : No Aunts this end. BUT as I have no Mum now either(well I do in heaven etc) I will say that "adopted" Aunty Pat rules this place xxxxx I Adore her x

I have a hard time understanding : Why people feel the need to moan constantly on line - OK the web is an outlet - and I get that - But on the whole I am positive and HATE reading blogs etc that are all "Moany!" If something really bad happens I talk to real friends about it. I try to keep it out of my on line life x

You know I like you if : Simple - I CHOOSE to talk to you. Either in real life, blog life, forum life etc.

My ideal breakfast is : Smoked Salmon and scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast - in the sunshine if I can!!

If you visit my home town : And I happen to be around - you WILL meet my Dad as I adore him and he is there x

If you spend the night at my house : You will be in PJ's by 7pm. And you better like dogs x

My favorite blonde is : My Eldest sister - she is the sweetest person to walk this planet. Not one bad bone in her body.

My favorite brunette is : My Middle Sister - who is like me so we can bitch and laugh and drink coffee and smoke far too many fags

The animal I would like to see flying besides birds : Who cares - as long as they don't hit my windscreen like an unfortunate pigeon chose to. Fly High I say

I shouldn't have been : Born blonde - and an Essex Girl - it is unfair!

Last night I: Chilled in PJ's with the pooch. Watched TV, Surfed - ate too much - as you do x

A better name for me would be : Happy with my name - Just Bex - i am what I am

I've been told I look like I - Erm recently my sister - years and years ago - Phoebe from Neighbours

If I could have any car, it would be : Not bothered. A Car gets you where you need to go. At what speed you allow for x
Oh hell - actually give me a Merc SLK x

So there is a little bit - or a lot about me xxxxx

Thanks Est
Love Bex xxxx