Thursday, May 22, 2008

Harry ............

Introducing my latest "Star" for scrapping! This is the gorgeous Harry who is my best mates little boy - and I cannot wait to meet him when he flies in from Australia in October!
So until then you better get used to this little man as I am going to make an album all about him for his mummy to use at his 18th birthday :)

This really isn't my normal scrapping style and I really don't like it - but I had HUGELY limited stash as it is for work and only allowed to use certain things. Guess it is a good job that Harry is so flippin cute!

I have actually been doing quite a few challenges and stuff the last week or so - and OMG I have major PC issues - If this blog ever goes up it has taken me about a week to load the images up!
I am off to defrag the PC, and rerun full virus checks on this and other PC in the house as something is MEGA wrong somewhere!

Right so on to the next wee card.
This was a template challenge set over at Just Bex forum.
It has been so great - members have been setting challenges and they have all been fab! Must do that more often!
So a very simple card from me again as I have limited supplies I can use as it is for one fixture at work .............

And this one I think i can stretch to fit the "use 3 patterned papers" challenge!
Again simple cos I is simple!

And I have a few more to upload but I am losing the will to live with this darned PC so will be back in small doses to get them uploaded!

Apart from my PC issues all is well with Bex. Life is in fact pretty darned good - heightened even more last night watching the footie with the lads and gaining great satisfaction that Chelsea have no silverware this season :)

Only shame is that it went to Man U not liverpool, but I can live with that for now!

Love n Hugs all
Love Bex xx

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Quick Catch Up!

Ooh ages again since I blogged - busy Bex!
So what have I been up to .........
Well I had a lovely 4 days in Prague - I really would recommend Prague to anyone.
It is such a beautiful city - the buildings are so impressive and it is really weird to see such different styles of architecture sitting right next door to each other - you really can see the 4 styles throughout the city.
Other highlithgts of Prague - the food. It was just fantastic - I pigged out big time. We didn;t have one bad meal, we ate heaps and it was all so cheap.
And of course the beer - if you hunt out the right bars it is mega cheap and there is nothing more I like than a bit of people watching with a pint :)

So then I got back from hols and back to work.
Good news folks - I am now Deputy Store Manager at work - OMG how on earth can Hobbycraft let me loose in one of their stores? I mean I though they were flying close to the wind when they gave me my previous job :) So little crafter Bex is over the moon and looking forward to taking the store to even better levels than we are at now. (See I can be a bit business like :))

And of course there is the forum that I have neglected terribly these last couple of months in my quest for Hobbycraft world domination :)
Luckily I have some fantastic forum members who are hosting their own big challenge week - I mean just how cool is that!
So OK I have worked all weekend so only completed one so far but OMG did you know you can make gift bags from an envelope?
Yes Mister - a genuine normal flippin envelope = I am well impressed - thanks to Sarah.
Oh and for the record it is 3D with little side flaps and everything - bad pic this end!
If you want the link for instructions tis here - you will have to register but we don't bite!
Very simple tutorial available

So here is a simple effort from me

Hope all reading are well

Love n Hugs