Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Uh Oh - I got Tagged - TWICE

And these things do sort of do my head in if I am honest - BUT then in return I can do other peoples heads in so hey ho - sort of ok ....... but still naff ...........
Reckon we should get Delbut to start a tag going - now that WOULD be fun!!!!!

SO This tag seems very random to me but here goes

1. Find the nearest book
What - you think i am intellectual - think again.
I actually gave ALL my books to the charity shop when I moved recently ......... I did however buy one from the Charity shop at Christmas for display purposes at a craft event - AND I MIGHT ADD - I have just trekked out to the shed to find it.

2. Name the book & the author
OK So John Grisham - The Testament (Think i have read this but will start it again tonight cos it was cold out there finding it in my PJ's so it owes me now.)

3.Turn to page 123.
Yeah come on I am getting bored now .......................

4. Go to the 5th sentence on the page & copy out the next three sentences onto your blog.
OMG I think they are serious too - not quite sure how this is remotely interesting but not brave enough to defy the power of the "tag" So here goes .............

For the first time it occurred to Nate that maybe troy had been crazy afterall. Would a rational, lucid mind give eleven billion dollars to a person who had no interest in wealth? A person practically unknown to everyone, including the one signing the hand-scrawled will?

Bet you are all rushing out to buy this now eh???????? In fact shall I bother to read it?????

5. Tag 3 more people ..............
OMG Do I have to? What will happen to me if I defy the laws of Tagging? Will I be sent to the eternal bog of stench??????

So just for a laugh I will tag Delbut, Suesjoy and NeilbyMouth

And will see if they ever find this and respond ........... don't hold yer breath though!!!!

Will be back with more interesting blog - erm - erm when? Let me think - SOON!!!!

Love Bexster xxxxxxxxxx

Monday, February 26, 2007

Another Monday ..........

Unlike my sister who views Mondays as "ACE" and a chance to get going with things - I HATE THEM!!!!!
Firstly I had a lovely weekend - so Monday coming round is harsh. Back to work and all - but Monday is done now so I am happy Bex!
My Dad, his wife and her son came up yesterday and the wisdom that is Bex thought I would plan a "day out". Now when i say plan I actually mean a last minute idea with no research behind it at all.................... VERY against the grain for my Dad who plans stuff with military precision
So they all arrive and off we go headed for Woburn Safari Park. (Bex has clocked the craft fair is on there so has to be good right????)
So we do the "Dad" thing of having to go and buy a picnic lunch .......... so I trek miles out of the way to Sainsburies and we buy it .............. and off we go with Bex navigating. As we get back to my house from getting food and start the journey I remember there is a supermarket on the way - oopsy.
So back to Bex navigating ............. I have a vague idea of where it is cos I got lost round there recently ......... this info does not go down well with Dad when we are half way there and I am getting more vague.
THANKYOU for the sudden appearance of the Brown Elephant signs!!!!!!
So the apparently "45 minutes safari drive" takes 2 and a half hours - and what is Bex to do????
Well of course I MOANED. And my step brother Karl quite happily played the back seat kids moaning game with me. It was actually a real laugh to be in our 30's and TOTALLY winding up the parents!

Had a few funny moments - like me being so starving I manage to squeeze into the boot to salvage picnic - not allowed to get out of car due to lions and tigers and bears ............ (OH MY!) Yes we did play that game too ..............
Had a VERY scary moment when we were totally gridlocked with traffic and a HUGE male Lion was at my window STARING at me and my ham sarnie. Nearly poo'd my pants. No Pic cos I was FAR too scared to move ............. what a total wuss - It was only a Lion .................. with a wee bit of glass in a VW between him and me ............

The "Bears" however chose not to read the signs that are everywhere telling people that they like to nick wingmirrors ........... I SO wanted them to nick Dads but nah they were too busy climbing trees and sleeping ............
The monkeys were also on best behaviour - bet they wouldn't have been if we had taken my car ...............

Then this evening I have been out for dinner with my mate Sues 2 boys and her Mum. We had an ace time - ate FAR too much Pizza, ice cream etc. I reckon her youngest even has the potential to puke tonight perhaps. (No problemo - he is safely deposited home with his Grandma Greta!!! And my phone is now off ...................) x Sorry Greta but as discussed I don't do the aftermath - just the planning!! xx
Mind you this is a VERY feeble effort as i was planning to totally corrupt them whilst Sue was away - oh well I have 5 days still ...............

So rambling Bex with tummy FULL of pizza and cheesecake is off to bed xxxx

OH AND EM - I am cracking up at your comments on my photography - the recipe is simple.
NEVER clean camera lense, only decide to use camera after 10pm when it is dark, turn off flash.
Hey presto naff pics!!!!!

Glad to be of help

Love Bex xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, February 23, 2007


Cute pic of sleeping dog ........... or is it!
OK So one hour ago I go upstairs to have a soak in the bath.
I decide to leave Maisie downstairs as she does like to cause chaos by trying to get in the tub with me - which is NOT gonna happen.
In retaliation she has a "Maisie moment". I could hear the chaos and scrambling round downstairs but chose to shut it out.
NOW OK she looks cute but can we survey what this picture tells she has been up to please ...........

The cushion she is asleep on actually belongs on the sofa - not on the doorway between dining room and kitchen.
The mat belongs by the back door ...........
Bagpuss belongs in HER BED (IE, yes she has a bed and has no need to create one whilst I am MIA for like a whole hour)
The blue 12 x 12 paper - well obviously it belongs on my paper rack - BUT I will let her off this one as it is my "old stock" so one less sheet to use up.
The T Towel quite obviously belongs on the hook designed for T towels in the kitchen.

BUT even I can't be bothered to wake her and tell her off when she is this fast asleep ......... and I am typing away and she is sparko ........... I suppose that was a lot of work for such a tiny dog. And yes that is a normal cushion and she is teeny tiny!!!!!!

Right off to get ready for a nice early night - have family coming this weekend and I think we are going to Woburn Safari Park on Sunday - Dad loves Lions - I LOVE craft fairs (Nice event on there this weekend) Oh dear I think I may have forgotten to mention that to Dad ...............

Ah well such is life lol

Love Bex xxxxx

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hello Happy Tuesday!

So what is new I hear you ask - Please post something interesting I hear you ask ..........
Not likely - this is me remember!!!!!
SO OK although it is dark i thought I would do a trial run photoshoot of Maisie to scrap.
What have i learnt .......... well I could have the best camera, the best lighting ............ but it seems poor Maisie only has one facial expression - I am calling it "Rabbit in headlights suffering from depression".

Just what is it with spaniels!!!!! I will try again though at the park at the weekend cos she does come to life a bit then!!!!!
So what else have I been up to ........... well I have a few plans in the pipeline for my plans for craft world domination - and hopefully all being well a new site will be launched in the next two weeks. That is if work allows me to come home and finish what I am working on!!!!

Apart from that I am on a personal mission to USE loads of stuff.
I have SO much paper, ribbons etc that are all perfectly useable but have been superceeded with new releases etc. SO the main task at the moment is to churn out masses of cards that are quick and easy using up papers that I want shot of ............... cos they have been around for FAR too long.

So far work have been buying them cheap like hotcakes so just need to keep the production up and Bex will have more pennies, less craft goodies - and a license to buy more. Although I am putting myself on a spending ban till I have made at least 200 cards using old stock ...............

So here are SIMPLE cards using up stuff I have FAR too much of!!!! (Although I sort of lie as one of these uses new paper ......... call the cyber police!!!!)

Ah well lock me up eh - I could do with a holiday!!!
Love to you all xxxxxx Bex

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I will be back


Sorry for lack of blogger posts - I am having a NAFF week so far and any blog post I put up would be from a very tired Bex xxxxx
So if you are bored of checking back I apologise xxxx

On that note I will go to bed and will get my butt in gear over the next few days to sort out all the stuff I want to blog about xxxxxx
Huge cyber Hugs

Love Bex

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Late night Bexster

Hiya all

Just a hello from me really as I unwind from a late shift working................

I do love my Saturday job of waitressing but BOY was tonight hard work.
LOADS of tables - the restaurant was packed from 5pm .......... people had to wait 2 hours for tables - so a busy night.
And my feet are really throbbing which is unusual - I have in fact worked hard!!!!!

AND i am now almost ready for sleep = always takes me an hour to unwind when I get in.
But thought I would do a random Bex hello before I hit the sack xxxxxx
Hope you are all well and will post again tomorrow night with proper updates etc etc

Love Bex

Friday, February 09, 2007

Crazy Snow World

Well erm yes it did snow.
A LITTLE bit!! Dunno - no more than about 4 inches I reckon

AND what is the UK like!!!!!!
Went to work Thursday and only 20% of the office turned up - and most of them live within a mile - I managed it and I am 6 miles away ...............
Got let off 32 minutes early though as a reward - erm THANKS!!!!!!
Most schools closed ............ trains, roads grind to a halt ......... BUT I don't see the point in discussing it - us Brits are crap when it comes to little "weather hiccups" I mean the trouble the leaves falling off the trees this autumn caused - crikes British Rail didn't know what had hit em! Good job the leaves don't fall off every year eh?? ...............................
SO back to "snowgate"
No sooner did it come - and pretty it looked initially - but soon turned to black slush muck and now there is not really any left.
Maisie LOVED it and ran around the garden shoving her head in it - she is strange .........

Me - well I find it inconvenient and it doesn't help to be at work and have email updates of snowball fights in the street and much fun from my mate Sue. I could have done with a day "playing" like a kid again!!!!!

SO what else in new in Bex world - well not a lot to be honest!!! Work tomorrow and Bex day on Sunday. So Sunday will be perhaps a day to stay in PJ's and be a slob and craft.
I need to up my game if world domination is going to happen any time soon.
Perhaps I will challenge myself to blog daily for a week ...............................

We'll see xxxxx Not sure my life is interesting enough!

Love Bex

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Who knows
Apparently this neck of the woods is about to grind to a halt with an overnight snow fall of between 5 and 7 inches
BLIMEY you would not believe the hype on local radios etc about the chaos it will cause

It does make me wonder how countries like Canada survive .......................

SO I am off to bed hoping secretly that he snow does appear seeing as work have blatantly said they do not expect me to be able to get in tomorrow ...........

OK erm 5 miles away on main roads - BUT HEY I will buy it as an excuse as it has been offered to me on a plate!!! AND work from home I can SO do that!!!!!

SO sweet dreams all - and pray for the token annual snowfall that grinds the UK to a halt for 3 days each year xxxxxxx
Back very soon as I have many photos to share when I find daylight hours!
Love Bex

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday .............

And I am not moaning and am human and normal Bex again - Well i think I am anyway!
Weekend has been pretty hectic.
I seemed to potter around doing mundane jobs like banking and telephone calls yesterday then had to work ........... got home about midnight and took a while to feel tired.
Was bad and had a nice lie in today until 11!! Was awake from about 9 but it was nice to snuggle up and watch drivvle on TV with my little Maisie!

Then went in psycho Bex overdrive and have been mega cleaning.
Scrubbed floors, windows you name it!!!

So now am bathed and in PJ's and planning to make a SB LO or some Valentines cards or something for a few hours before the working week begins again - how does it come round so soon eh?????? Ah that would be cos I only have one day off!!!!!

Anyhow - only a quick shout out "HI" from me.
Will update during the week with some piccies and more drivvle
Hope you are all well

Love Bex xxxxxx

Friday, February 02, 2007


Thank Goodness!!
I am SO tired I cannot function properly - this working lark is NOT good for my health!!!
Today was the LONGEST working day ever. Started at 8.30 as usual and by 9.30 was moaning GOOD and proper that surely it was lunch time!
Honestly - no idea why it went SO slow as I had LOADS of work to do and loads of arguments to have with idiots that can't do their jobs ........... well OK that is not fair - they can do their job - they just have trouble counting up to 24 ................ and adding 10 and 10 together seems an issue too .....................

SO basically I moaned all day. And then I moaned some more when the Friday afternoon donuts failed to appear. I mean - I NEED those donuts. I was really NOT impressed I can tell you.
I was on the verge of wasting away. One HUGE ham and cheese Tiger roll at 11.30 followed by a sausage sarnie at 1.30 - then crisps at 3 is really NOT enough to keep me going.

AND then I got a smart arse comment when I got ready to leave at 5.24 ........... jeez 6 minutes early. I actually got questioned to "Use my own judgement in deciding whether it was appropriate to finish" I promptly informed them that I had done approximately 3 hours more work than them due to their pissing about and play fighting .............. So yes fully appropriate - in fact I should have left earlier. I am such a LOUD mouth. Ness would have been proud (she was off sick today - maybe why the day was so dull!!!!!)

But hey nuff moaning (all in jest btw I am totally fine!) Today was good in that I handed over a few commissioned cards - and got asked for 4 more ................. BUT OK I AM GONNA MOAN AGAIN - I have a LIST of stuff to make. I don't wanna be doing more cards for people.
OK Have you got up to speed yet - I am on a moan evening. Grumpy overtired - not impressed that I have to work again tomorrow.

Right lets change subject - LOTS to be excited about.
The totally unorganised Bex has a list of stuff to do.
I need to .......................
Do a page in Susans Circle Journal - theme Wonders of Winter and so far it is STUNNING.
I need to do 2 ATC's for Wendys challenge - first time trying them so should be fun
Scrap stars are having a cyber crop this weekend so no doubt something will catch my eye.
Lise has organised a "Book of favourite things" challenge which i have signed up to
Carol posted the most fabby project for making storage drawers which is tempting
Em has challenged a SB LO to include 3 hearts .......... and different fonts etc
And Ems over at SS has challenged us to take a pic of ourselves in the mirror (This one will take all month I feel!!!!)
Oh and a box of Valentines cards for both jobs too -might as well!

So I have LOADS to crack on with and will upload piccies as soon as things take shape and are done xxxxxxxx
Oh and good news from Bex too - for the first time in my life - and in a moment of madness I submitted one of my layouts to a magazine - and they responded the next day saying they would like to publish it along with editorial - OOH CHECK ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right I am actually going to be a sad sack and go to bed as i am SO tired I could actually cry!!!
I hope you are all well xxxxxxx And ooh if you wanna moan you have a 24 hour license to do so (I don't normally tolerate moaning but as I am in moan zone feel free!!!!)
Love Bex xxxxxx