Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Slow Progress!!

Crikey I am really struggling with the wooden bits I bought home from work I can tell you.
I am sure a five year old would do far better than I am doing!
Anyway, just in case anyone is reading and can't wait to see what I am achieving then here you go :)

Please don't judge me on this work (It is done to market to kids if that is any excuse - PMSL - I am about to get some new Bex stash out and make something in my own style!!
Oh and I am still staring vacantly at the fun foam - I really think you need to be under the age of 10 to "get it" :)

Love N Hugs.

Bex (No reputation left - that is if I had one to start with!)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lovely Weekend - and look what I have to make! :)

Well I have had a really lovely few days ........ bliss in fact.
I had a nice couple of days really deep cleaning and sorting out my room ready for organised crafting rather than crafting in chaos.
My Aunt and Uncle have taken quite a bit of stuff for their Grandchildren to use - fabby.
Yesterday I had a nice day out in France with friends - and OMG did I eat (and drink!).
7 courses later and I officially have a pot belly - GREAT!
Today I popped into work (Hobbycraft for anyone who doesn't know) and I need to start thinking about some new displays.
Lets say that the following stuff is all fabulous in its own right for kids etc but I am not sure I will enjoy working with it! I am such a crafting snob :)
SO firstly the wooden stuff ready to decorate - quite cute, but not sure I am a painter and will do it justice!

Then the make your own mache decorations ............

The dreaded Fun Foam :)And these are actually REALLY cute and I am loving them lots! Totally sweet FF stamps - lets see if I can turn these babies into cute Xmas cards!With the matching papers ...............And then of course it wouldn't be Christmas without a few ready made embellishments! :)

I will report ack with progress............. and any ideas anyone has for fab displays with any of the above do feel free to share - I have plans mapped out but you may be on a better wavelength than me!

Right off to get the acrylic paint out.

Love n Hugs


Thursday, September 18, 2008

On Holiday - Take 2!

Well if anyone is wondering what happened to creative Bex last week - I got called back into work and holiday was postponed.
Good news though - I am now off until Wednesday next week - YAY!!!!
So instead of crafting I thought I would start with crafty shopping - it would be rude not to I am sure you will all agree :)
So yesterday I went to Scrapgenie as I needed to bulk buy some papers etc for the charity crop / class day I am doing soon.
It made me feel quite sad in a way going to the warehouse and seeing so much stock being sold at silly prices. The good thing is I got LOADS of Daisy D Papers to put into packs and sell at the craft day and the money will all go to charity, so a positive.
And of course I got a few bits and pieces for myself - some lovely collection packs cos a girl can never have too many!
Today I have been having a major sort out of my room. We have guests all weekend and there is no way my room is fit for them so having a nice time sorting and cleaning!
Nearly done and then I will be crafting - well crafting trying to keep it tidy still which will be a test for me!
Right I will stop rambling and get on with it.

I'll leave you with a very simple card (Photographed nice and wonky as usual).

It is another challenge ticked of from the JB Forum - to use Ric Rac.
Cute snowman stamp though (a whole 85p it was!) and I am loving the matching glittery papers - all imaginisce.
Love Bex x

Monday, September 08, 2008

2 posts in 1 Day!

Well I never - Bex posting twice in one day! Tis usually once in two months recently!
Anyway, as I have been off work today I thought I would join in with the most fantastic sketch site - 2Sketches4U. Of course I didn't realise that after wanting to join in for weeks that the sketch would be so flippin hard! Trust me you need to visit this site and see the huge amount of talent that is just bursting at the seams.
So here is my little entry. I hope to join in with the extra sketch at some point as it really does look easier!
Then back to the JB Forum and we have been talking about the new Papermania Papers so I thought I would give them a road test. Yep I do like them! (Shame about my photography skills but it is very loudy and grey here!)
So thumbs up for the Xmas paper pack from Papermania from me (Did I really just say that?!)
Love n Hugs
Bex xxxxx

On Holiday!

I am now off work for a week and home alone which is fabby - Hopefully I can get lots of jobs done and enjoy some me time crafting.
Didn't start off too well as I ended up in work all day Saturday tying off some loose ends.
Then yesterday I slept till 1.30! What a lazy Bex. I obviously needed it but I did set my alarm for nice and early this morning in case the trend continued :)
So what first then? I have SO many challenges on the forum I can play with and there are loads of other challenges on line so once the craft room is tidied I intend on really getting lots done.
I have completed a few and will share a couple now - more later when camera is charged up!
Both are challenges from the JB Forum

Nicky set a recipe challenge to use 1 Ribbon, 2 Circles and 3 buttons. So a simple effort from me to get me back into the swing of things!

Sue set a challenge to use circles and whilst my nestabilities were out I thought I would sort of cheat and do a very similar card for that challenge. (And my personal challenge of using up some of the 6x6 pads that have been untouched in ages! So BG Figgy Pudding was first out of the drawer!)I posted recently on the forum about the amount of stuff I have here and this week i really plan on having a good clear out and seeing how much stash I can actually use. Do not fear though, I have enough to craft full time for a year at least so I am not in danger of running out!

Will report back laters with more x

Love Bex

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I cannot believe it has been SO long since I last blogged.
Time really does fly past so quickly at the moment.
So Summer has come and gone - or did it ever come?
I have been busy with work and still loving every minute of it.
Little Maisie has been having lots of fun with walks along the beach and eating far too many sausages at all the BBQs we have had.
Crafting has taken a back seat the last couple of months but I am determined to get back to it on a regular basis - I have missed it!

So next week I am off work, home alone and going to have a lovely week crafting with Maisie.
I will hopefully check back very soon, but having seen how long I have been missing I thought I should say Hi!

Love n Hugs to all