Monday, November 26, 2007

Another Photo and an update ramble!

Well here is another photo from the HUGE box I found the other day. This is my Grandma and I have to say that I think the photo is just beautiful! If anyone would like a copy to use in vintage cards etc then please email me and I will send you a high res version.

OK so time I think for an update on the life of Bex!
Life is pretty good to be honest. I am absolutely LOVING my new job - I am at the point where a day off seems boring as I have so much to do and want to be working!
Not sure if I mentioned it before but the new job is as a Sales Floor Manager for Hobbycraft in their Basildon store - so if you are passing pop in and say Hi!
I have a lovely team of staff who make me laugh all day - and the customers are pretty fantastic as well. I regularly spend over an hour with a customer chatting about paper and ribbons and teachniques etc and it is SO up my street. Did I mention I am loving it??

So not sure what else I have to update you all with really! There has been a serious lack of crafting this end due to working long hours and just getting used to a new job etc.
I have now sorted out a load of my craft stuff and my room is looking fairly tidy so the challenge now is to start playing more in my hours off! We will see how I do - but I better achieve it as I have SO MANY Chrimbo pressies to make.

Right time to get into PJ's and enjoy the nice glass of wine my Dad poured for me over an hour ago!

Love n Hugs to all

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kids these days!!

Over at the Just Bex Forum Est has started a conversation about the way kids dress these days - like something straight off an adult catwalk it seems!
So I thought I would share some pictures of how we were dressed when we were younger - Clothkits eat yer heart out!
Only thing that was a total bummer about all being dressed the same was that as the youngest I would have to grow out of 3 outfits!
So introducing the Clothkits girls ..........

Sarah Rachel

And Bex!

Pretty cute eh? I will have to do somthing with these photos I think - hmmm I spy a nice little canvass coming together I think!
Love n Hugs

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Birthday Club B Cards

As promised here are the birthday cards I received from Birthday Club B at the Just Bex Forum.
They are seriously scrummy:)


Adele (Dingledel)

Lisa (FunkyFairy)



Paula C

Andrea (HoneysMum)


Nicola (DollyDimple)


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Another Year Older!

Well I am starting to feel old! Another Birthday has gone by and as some people may know I usually ignore my birthday ........ I couldn't this year though because I received a BEAUTIFUL selection of cards from the members of the Birthday Club over at the Just Bex Forum.
It was so lovely to have so many gorgeous cards so thankyou to all of you x
These are the cards from the A Club - I will post the B Club tomorrow x

BettyBoo (Paula)

Tink (Nikki)








Love Bex