Sunday, September 24, 2006

Good and bad

OK so first the good..........................
I have found my new home - and it is perfect
A lovely 2 bed cottage and I can move in a week on Tuesday

NOW the bad

WHY for gods's sake did the pylon have to get so angry about me finally getting out of here?????
I mean give me a break - you have won for 7 years - I thought i was winning - and no

last night fire .................. luckily only a little one cos i was here so stopped it - enough though to burn out the whole fuse box and leave me with no power ......................

So it got dark and the emergency services had told me it was safe as they had shut off gas and electric ............... so hey not sitting in darkness went to pub
Today my mates have managed to install new electric fuse box and get me in a fit enough state to pass the checks happening at 10am tomorrow ..............
Slight problem though = I lost 24 hours packing time ............................

Oh well - as a neighbour said - be thankful the fire started while I was awake ................

So I am off now for 5 hours sleep before the alram goes off to tell me to get up and move the rest of the stuff ASAP

Not sure when I will be able to report back in as effectivley homeless tomorrow and it seems i will be staying at local pub from hell = GREAT - can I time warp to 8 days from now when i get keys to new place please??????????????????

OK I will stop moaning as not a good place to be ................. will shout you all in a couple of weeks when I again have a roof over my head

Love and feeble hugs from a VERY tired Bex xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

NEWS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all

SORRY for not updating earlier but i really couldn't jinx anything.

Well today I exchanged contracts on the shit hole of a house that I have had to live in for nearly 7 years.

Trust me - this house has brought me nothing but trouble and grief for the last 4 years or so.
Neighbours from hell, drug ridden estate, HUGE Pylon at end of garden and it got to the point where it was valued at zero - which was a bit of a worry.

So after 6 years of trying and having constant aborted sales - it has happened.
Crap price - BUT I DON'T care.

Only question now is where the hell do I move to - gotta be out by Monday ........................

So stressful week ahead - but I am SO happy - in fact I could explode as I have been an emotional wreck with it all for the last 3 weeks. (Well in truth the last 4 years!)

SO onwards and upwards.

Off to try to think about how I can find somewhere to live, pack up a 3 bed house and move all within 5 days ............................. BRILLIANT

Thankyou all for totally taking the piss as usual during my times of need ...................... kept me laughing anyway!!

Love and hugs
Bex (Off to get pissed with mates and get them to agree to help out ......................)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


OK I am officially bored!

I have been like a mad thing pacing round and round in circles all week.
Still no news to tell - although I am hoping there will be in the next few days - there needs to be cos this pacing could almost count as exercise - and that is not allowed in the world of Bex!

Mind you this waiting lark is quite good for blogging Bex ................. been reading lots of blogs and having chuckles. I've seen a few piccies from last nights show which is ace - seeing as I couldn't be there (which I MAY just moan about for a while longer - you have been warned)

Hmmmm so what to do with myself now.
I COULD ............ do the washing, housework, walk the dog, reply to numerous emails that I haven't bothered with, heck I could even mow the lawn.

BUT ........... instead I am off for a little pace around the house waiting for the phone to ring ............

Jeez my blogging skills are awesome eh? Such an interesting read - NOT
Oh well - don't give up on me just yet - as there could be BIG changes just round the corner - and you guys will be amongst the first to share in the joy or tears either way!!

Love and hugs
Bex xx

Monday, September 11, 2006

Not really important ..........

in the grand scheme of things.
So OK I have stress right now - eyebulls full - but is it important - NO

The last week or so the Beeb have shown various documentaries of the events five years ago today - and for some strange reason I have been drawn to watch many of them. I feel i should - to just sit and think really hard and say a prayer for all those poor souls who perished - and their family and friends and to make myself remember how lucky I am. I would say to try to understand - as we normally say in a tragic situation- but I can't and never will - the question "why" in this case is never going to be justified.

There was a particularly poignant programme a few days ago by 2 brothers who were filming a documentary about NY Fire department and it had me gripped - in tears. It was live footage by 2 ordinary guys who were meant to be filming just a "normal" fire crew but instead ended up in the thick of the whole day. Like many ordinary people did ...................

It made me look back at my life - 5 years ago in the midst of it all I was a VERY different person. I ws a "city chick" in flash suits, flash (ish) car and focused on material things. I watched it all live in a conference suite in London amongst many other "suits" and I can't even put into words how I felt at that time.

A year later I left that life needed a drastic change and went it "alone" AKA self employed living in PJ's lol (Not as a direct reasult of 9/11 to make it clear - just a choice at the time)

Since then things have VERY much changed - for the better. I may not be loaded, I may live on a crappy council estate in drug ridden Staines - but I have my sanity (almost) my family and many many good friends.
And after a year of bad health - I have my health.
I now am almost going back to the old way - in that I am going back looking for a career to throw myself in to - BUT I know I will do it with a pair of specs on that are very differently tinted.

I look back to my visit to NY full of immense excitement when my sister and her partner were out there - I think in 2000?
I had a blissful 5 days in true style just lapping up NY - what a fantastic city. I spent most of my time just wandering alone through the streets (with a belly loaded on corned beef hash brekkie) - many times just walking and walking and ending up far to far away from "home" and having to get a cab back
I particulary remember one evening when my sister had tickets to a fabby opening of some store or other - and made me glam up to the nines. So I did. Borrowed a VERY flimsy outfit off her by some "now" designer and felt ace. Felt not so ace an hour later when in a friends apartment she changed into jeans and a voyage cardi and left me stranded in a silk - well I would call it a skirt and boob tube but it was kind of only that lol. Turned up to the event and there were loads of models there ................. GREAT.
Evening ended somewhere (no idea) with a table type BBQ of all manners of meats with a bunch of models - and needless to say they ate nowt and me and rach were so hungry we just pigged out .................... don't you just love normal life???????

Anyway - I am rambling as usual - the point is I fell in love with NY on the first day - and I wish to go back and pay tribute in my own Bex way.

One day I will - until then I will just appreciate that I am very blessed and in moments when day to day life gets you pacing the house or park just remember how lucky you are

May all those feeling pain today feel some sense of the warmth that is winging its way to them from all over the globe.

Love Bex xxxxxxx

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Stuff ....................

is happening this end hence lack of Bex in Blogland!

Potentially it is all VERY good stuff and I will know for sure whether something very scary but very Fab will be happening soon...................

NO I AM NOT PREGNANT (need a man for that lol - open to offers as always!!!!) JOKE

I would love to discuss it in great detail and pour all my thoughts on to the page - but instead will keep quiet so as not to tempt fate (Sorry Sue - you can listen to me rant for the next week)

This is a very cruel post eh? Getting anyone who bothers to read it guessing lol

Anyway - I will be back in blogland soon - once the news is in and I have stopped walking round in circles pacing all day
So get ready for either tears and tantrums - or happy excited Bex!!!

Love and hugs to all
Bex (And anyone who would like to keep fingers crossed please feel free)