Monday, August 27, 2007

Remembering Susie xx

It seems so long ago at times- I cannot believe another anniversary has come by so soon.
And at other times like today - it seems like yesterday.
So today I am remembering Mum as always and am wishing she was here, but am grateful for all she taught me in the time I had with her x
Sending you much love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxx
Love Baby Bex xx

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Lisa Challenged us all over at the forum to create a LO featuring the word Family.
I have LOADS of old photos of both my parents that I am keen to put into acrchival safe LO's.
I LOVE the above photo of my Dad at 9 months with my Grandad. My sister Rachel and my Dad are very similar in character - and I love that Dad and Rach were both grumpy babies!
It really does capture the "gentle" man my Grandad was - In fact I tried to add journalling and got really upset! So a fairly simple LO from me with it.

I have so many more pages to do and have decided that Dads album will be in 6 x 12 format because well, I like it!

Hope everyone has had a good weekend - back to work for me tomorrow and I will be counting the days as I finish on August 31st ...............

Love n Hugs


Friday, August 10, 2007

Sunny Friday!

Wow the weather here really is GLORIOUS.
I definately picked the right week of the year so far to be off work.
I hope it continues through the weekend - then by Monday I will be back in the office - BOO.
Anyway, this week I have stamped up LOADS of images ready for making cards.
As some people will know my mate Sue has HUNDREDS of stamps and I am constantly borrowing them to play with.
Well - I am moving on September 1st back to my home town of Leigh on Sea so I have been stockpiling a HUGE stash of stamped images. I have also been sorting out stuff ready to move as I will be working full time up to the day I leave.
I have also started changing all the contact details labels on my stock cards - naff job and is taking AGES!
Busy Busy life this end - I am looking forward to a bit of R&R at the end of the month!

Right back to the craft chat
The stamp in the card above Sue claimed not to really like - so I borrowed it and made about 10 cards with it. Sue now likes it and wants it back - suppose I will let her lol. I think it is a great stamp - sadly I am not clever enough to do any jazzy techniques with it and have used it in the simplest form.
So I have used this as a sample for a very simple challenge over at the forum.
Folks deserve a little easy one every now and again!
Have a great weekend all x

Love Bex

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Week off progress update!

Hello All!
Well I have been having a mighty fine week off work.
It is such a shame I have to go back on Monday .........
I have actually achieved quite a lot. But not much to show for it!
Did a major spring clean on the house which was overdue ...
Had a lovely afternoon with Sue chatting and eating cream cakes - yummy.
Had a lovely morning with Kathy today chatting, stroking papers and drinking coffee.
I actually love that I have friends who have lots of craft stash - makes me feel normal for having so much!
Right so on to the crafting side of things.
I have mainly been making cards!
I have been trying to use up paper etc so have been making in batches of 6 for stock.
Here are a couple - I will blog more tomorrow when I have sorted out pics etc
The first is for a challenge on the forum to use gems on a card ........ nice and easy!
So I made a batch of boys skater cards - all similar but different lol
The next not so easy .......... Kathy sent me home this afternoon with clear instructions to do the DCM little extra.
OK so normally these are nice little challenges - I often read and think ooh nice - I could do this etc if I had more time ............
This one though! OMG A card with 3 arrows, 3 circles and a square.
Reckon this is quite tough myself!
So here is my attempt and I haven't cheated for once

And for the record - the 3rd circle is a circle gem on the flower on the dress.
Will be back tomorrow with more x
Love Bex

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday - Not so Crafty!

Hmmm Today I have not really made much! Apart from a mess ............
I have been having a good old sort out of all my craft stuff (and cleaning - heaven knows why!)
I found this little doggie die that I have NEVER used so challenged myself to use it.
AGES later and this is all I could come up with.
I did have a lot of "Essex" sayings making me laugh like "You look Ruff" but I wasn't sure they would sell!
So here is doggy and he has been put in the folder again probably never to be used as he is far too fiddly!
And I did try to make it to the Template Challenge Sue set over at Just Bex Forum.
Well it is no where near it but I will enter it anyway cos I am the Boss and Sue ALWAYS cheats
I am giving up on crafting for today and am instead going to retire to the lounge with a big box of cards that need packaging - BORING JOB - got to be done though,
Hope all are well
Love Bex xx

Saturday, August 04, 2007


First I want to say really good news about Suesjoy!
Her brain tumour was removed successfully and she is recovering well. She still has lots of recovery to go through so I am keeping up my positive thoughts for her and her husband Sujoy and little Anjoli. I am not a particularly religious person but i really do believe in the power of positivity and wishing people well. I am sure it helps even if at the most simplest level that people know they have friends thinking of them and willing them to get through things.

So, what is happening in the world of Bex?
Well it sure has been busy this end. Work has been totally frantic and I am really excited to have the next week off! YEY this means I am on day 1 of 9. 9 Blissfull days at home.
So of course along with the many jobs I have got to do this week I am crafting!

I have SO many challenges to catch up with over at the Just Bex Forum.
I am gradually working through them though!

Here is the first set my the totally gorgeous Lisa - It is to do a LO that makes you laugh.
OK so this won't make you laugh perhaps - but it has an element of humour and I hope Lisa agrees and gives me the point!
My sister has high visions of actually being an angel. She has recently claimed to be growing wings I believe ........... well this LO is entitled BAD ANGEL

The second I have completed was set by Esther - to make a card using "Tantalising Tangerine" which otherwise translates to orange!
I love Esthers colour challenges as they really do focus you to use things you may not normally put together. Here is my effort!

So now I am about to do some of the boring jobs that need doing and will craft again this evening

Love and hugs to all