Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oh Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello all

Sorry for my total lack of bloggerdom - I believe it happens on the day you turn 32..................
AKA Bridget Jones Syndrome .......................

So hey young single men shout here OK?

Right back to craft before I get myself in right old serious trouble!
OK I have a Major thing to show you all - but not allowed yet as I am entering it into a comp etc so have to wait til it is revealed before I can post blah blah blah

i also have piccies of loads of handmade cards received by cyber mates to share with you - will get camera out in daylight tomorrow..................

So erm shit this is a crap blog posting eh???
Promises promises promises ................. just pre-empting James ................

And so said the Lord - that is your lot

Back tomorrow with MUCHO goodies ............. well erm maybe if comp is revealed - ooh can still show BD card pics though!!!!!

Love and hugs
Bex xxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Birthday to .........


Oh yes it is that day of the year when I suddenly become a year older in numbers ..........
I cannot believe I am now 32!!! I feel about 19 still .................... reckon I always will!

Sorry for neglecting you little blog over the weekend - but I was suffering from LAZY weekend syndrome.

I am in the middle of a crafty project and will hopefully have some piccies to put up this evening - so check back!

Love and Hugs
Bex xxxxxx

Friday, October 27, 2006

Random Chit Chat

Tis what I think Friday Nights will become around here......................
Hey I can't be shoving up pics of creations EVERY day of the week!!!!
OK you got me - I have achieved VERY little today. Was a jobs day and a sit and chill day .............
I am sort of waiting for what dares /challenges will be released tonight to get my teeth into over the weekend ........ but then the danger is I have found a fair few sites offering them - so could be busy - or have to be selective - either way tis all good fun!

But even so I think I quite like the idea of random chat ................
So come on then - what shall we talk about? Well for me I am still on total cloud 9. I Love my new house still, feel totally chilled. My family and friends are happy - and hey - life doesn't get much sweeter than that!!

I have joined a local Lions group round here so will be doing voluntary work starting next week which is FAB. I do love doing a good deed - cos you get good vibes from both sides.

I know there is a fair bit of trauma going on in Blogland right now - and sorry if I seem so happy ......... but I have had my fair share of shit and all I can say to anyone going through it is ........... IT WILL Pass........... Honest. It may get very bad - BUT if you stay strong and fight it each day will get a little easier .........

Look at me - almost normal again!!

OK maybe not - who would ever want to be normal!!!!

So HUGE love and hugs to anyone having a total pants time of it - have a bit of my good vibes - I have plenty to share .....................

Love Bex xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Nearly the weekend ............

And not sure what plans I have. Part of me thinks active weekend of catching up with friends .......... the other part of me says "Hey winter is on its way, it is cold out there ......". So I will decide whether I can brave the elements and get out and about!

Had a busy and productive day today. Have done the mundane jobs like banking, food shopping, washing etc.

Ooh my order arrived today from Blonde Moments - DROOL. The Xmas papers are just fab.
I think I know what I am playing with tonight!

Not done a huge amount of craft related things today as the day seems to have just gone too quickly!
I was asked yesterday to make something "blue" for a friends Mum to keep her pens in by the phone

OK Blue paper I have much of ............... things to alter? Well i started out with a set of 4 metal buckets that I got in poundland - and oddly they were 50p............ That should have given me the sign that something was amiss.............
SO they LOOK OK. And I take off the outer fastenings to separate them ready to work magic on.
AND OMG could they have any more sharp bits of metal sticking out of them? Sorry Nic but third cut of fingers they went in the bin.
OK so now what do I have I can make into a pen pot ........... raid the cupboards ........ and find that the tub of Coffeemate looks fit for purpose. So OK it isn't an all singing all dancing 4 pot mega storage solution. But it should hold a few pens ...................

And then as the paper was out anyway I made a little book to go with it so it doesn't look too lonely.

And if you have bothered to read this far then please say Hi!

And there we have it -that is my Thursday.

Right off to play with new papers .....................

Love and Hugs
Bex xx

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Creative chaos overload

Is the only phrase I can think of to describe my afternoon of crafting.
I have SO many different projects on the go at the moment.

I have 3 categories still to complete for the Crafts by Carolyn Big Comp. AND I need to finish them by the deadline on Tuesday. Card entered, SB LO in progress, Altered Art in progress (Athough it will not be done in time me thinks - far too big a project!) Beading item -Not got a flippin clue.

I have 3 SB LO's on the go - well you see I keep seeing FAB challenges on the web and then start them ....................

I have an enquiry to respond to from a reader that is VERY exciting - but can't say too much

Some time ago I made a list of things I would like to make as pressies at Christmas - and I guess I need to start those ............................

I need to sort out my paper racks - I think they have become totally chaotic with the move etc and I can't seem to put my hands on what I am looking for at any given moment - trivial - but annoying.

Think I need a cup of tea and ten minutes chill out time with the Prima flower display............ which has multiplied this week somewhat!
Oh and I am hoping the Blonde Moments order arrives tomorrow - as I need those festive papers for yet another project idea.....................

Life as a crafter is tough eh?
Right I am going to go and have a bath and get into PJ's then attempt to complete at least one project tonight.

I'll leave you with a sickly sweet card I did as part of a template challenge ................

Love and hugs

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Friends .................

Well this is a challenge set by the fab Scrapbooking Blogsite "Everyone is Speshal" (see links)
And, well what can I say. I am not a scrapbooker ...... this is only my third attempt - but hey give it a whirl!!!
Some of you may just recognise the culprits in the pic ............. but then hey when talking about friends it is so much easier to talk to the big guys than humans sometimes eh? And for some reason I look at this pic and it says it all - totally comfortable to just be - even if it is for a photoshoot in the back of a camper van! And you can almost feel the trust there too ............

Sorry again for my photography skills - tis dark here and hard to get it clear!

Thanks for all your previous comments xxxxxxxxx
Oh and special thanks to Sue, Elizabeth and Alecia for sending me some ace pics of the Joes Pub gig to start another LO with!
Love Crafty Bex xxxxxx

Monday, October 23, 2006

Crafty Bex!!

Well I have tried to be today anyway!

You know those days when you just push things around the place and generally make a mess but achieve nothing? Well today started a bit like that.

Then I told myself off quite harshly! I mean I have events booked - I need stock - and I need inspiration .....

So I turned my attentions to the FABBY sketches of the very talented Becky Fleck (See blog link in links section). Trust me - if ever you need a bit of help getting started then these sketches are a Godsend. OK so quite a lot of the time the cards end up very different from the original sketch you are playing with - but that is half the fun! The sketches in themselves give me a starting point and focus me to actually make something ........

SO what have I achieved I hear you ask.
Well here goes - Sketch 1

And then the second attempt!

Now I am off to attempt to clear down the decks and see if my table is still under the current mess ............. then I may just have another go!

Hope you are all well
Love and Hugs
Bex xxxxx

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Blog Updates ............

OK have been playing with much neglected blog.
Have finally worked out how to do a links section ................ although at the moment have a couple of dodgy ones so beware if you are of a delicate persuasion!!

Right so the news this end?
WELL bloggers - The total relief of being out of St. Aines has resulted in me becoming creative once again! BLIMEY what a shock!!!
So I am planning to use this Blog space as a way of sharing my naff cards and scrapbook layouts and any random objects that may take my fancy to alter............. and before any smart comments come from the James, Neil, Delbut contingency - I use many staples and ribbons!!!!!

So i plan to start getting a bit more into Blog Land.
Hopefully some of my crafty friends will come by this way to offer support and many compliments to make me feel loved - and my regular bloggers will stick around to make smart arse comments and make me laugh.
I will try to direct my posting to both camps! Although you are all pretty fab so should not be a problem

Right going to tidy up my craft room (or shed if you believe Del - as if ANYONE on this planet would!)
Tomorrow is a crafty day and I will photograph some of the things I have made today (AND NO - not a picture of me will be shared - I am far too stunning for cyberspace .........................)

Love to all

Love Bex xxxxxx

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

For Del & James

See not living in a pylon lol

Blimey I cannot believe I am showing pics of my very messy dining room /craft room just to stop you in your tracks!!!!!

OK so pic one is the back wall - very cottage style all wooden etc - think it needs a lick of paint myself................

AND if you look closely can you spot the smallest spaniel in the world??????? TRUST me she is there!

OK And why won't stoopid blogger let me add more pics to this post?????

Gonna swear at it and see if that works...........................

AH OK that helped I think ...................
Second pic is where I am sitting right now - wall between sofa and kitchen lol SO putere area - cept guillotine etc is in the way as been playing tonight!
Third pic is back wall - THIS ROOM IS TINY trust me lol So dining table if peopledid chose to come on over ................
Multi function room is this!!!!

AND it is fab - I love that so much can be in one teeny room ....................................

Bex (Still happy!)

Home Sweet Home xx

Ok so do I have a HUGE sofa / Futon in my dining room - or do I have the worlds smallest King Charles Spaniel????

As well she is happy being the little thing she is!

So me and Maisie have spent a blissful evening chilling out in my Dining room / come craft room / come guest bedroom. Ribbon & Buttons drawers are now sorted - but i won't bore you with pictures of those!
So just a quick hello from me really as i am off to bed - I will post more piccies tomorrow of my "Quaint English Cottage". Gotta tidy it up first though!!!!

Night all from me

Love Bex

Monday, October 16, 2006

Izzy Wizzy ..............

Stop being busy!!!!!

Having a whale of a time this end and realised today that Broadband is now live - YEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Been really busy and fun this end the last week or so. Moving has sort of been fun - it is fab unpacking stuff into somewhere that feels so "homely". Mind you I have been a bit obsessive and washed EVERYTHING - New start - all has to be clean! Won't last mind

I have been inundated with visitors which is SO nice. I used to put people off coming to my last place because china chucked against the walls and kids screaming at 3 am is a bit off putting .............

BUT now the doors are open and it feels GREAT

I have been here 2 weeks on Tuesday and already my Dad and his wife have "popped" over for the day twice.
My eldest sister and her fab hubby Brian and my nephew Liam came up last weekend.
Currently my mate Katie who emmigrates to Oz in a week is tucked up in bed - bless
Next weekend I have a group of mates appearing for a dinner party ................ should be fun

AND tomorrow I am going to a wedding.
I LOVE weddings.
I especially love a PROPER wedding - you know the type - when you go knowing that the couple are totally made for each other and will last the distance. I love that feeling - you are witnessing something really special and intimate and feel priveleged to be there.

Right I will sod off before I venture into soppy romance mode ....................
Will blog again in the next couple of days with piccies of something or someone! - in fact where is the sodding camera .........................

Love to all
Bex xxxxxxxxxxxx (Still happy - in fact my face hurts!!)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I really am.

Have nearly finished unpacking - only a couple of bags etc to do.
This place is HOME already - in fact it was the very first day.
I can't describe what a difference it has made to the way I feel. Just happy. Constantly.

I am awaiting Broadband which should be here early next week and once that is installed I will be back blogging with piccies.

For now I need to test the functionality of my new craft area - so am snugged in PJ's and am going to play all evening (With craft stuff of course!!)

I hope you are all well
Love and happy hugs
Bexster xxxxxxx