Sunday, December 31, 2006


Just a quick hello from me to wish all Bloggers a FANTASTIC 2007 xxx
I hope the New Year brings you all you hope for.

Thanks to those who have commented on my blog the last year - It has been a fun journey so far - more is yet to come though!

I will keep my resolutions to myself for now as I am compiling a list - and it is VERY long ........... Lets just say I am planning World Domination somehow xxxxxxx

Love and hugs to all - and I will raise a cuppa later for you to toast in the New Year (May even have a glass of vino)

Will catch up properly in New Year (IE, Tomorrow as to Blog properly is on my list!!!!!)

Love Bexster xxxxxxxx

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Listen for the Beep!!!

It's Supermarket Sweep!!!!!

OMG thanks for the nudge Kathy - I am slacking...........
Have been busy busy Bex this end.
I decided i do need a proper job and now is a bad time of year to find one. So have fulfilled an item on my "to do before I'm 30" list. (No need to point out I am 32 thanks)
I am now working until Christmas Eve in Tesco's Supermarket as a check out chick.

Does it get any better than that? 2 weeks to play on tills - and I worked Sat and yesterday and had the BEST time. There is something to be said about "non serious" work where you walk away and apart from the odd beep all is forgotten.
My sister will vouch I am a workaholic and whenever I get a "proper job" I progress up the ladder at an alarming rate and burn out ............... I think I have this sussed now though having been self employed for a few years.
So yes I have applied for proper jobs but have gone mid scale with less pressure and am trying to avoid the City like the plague .......... will find out about a job in the next few days and sort of hoping I don't get it as is immediate start and erm I have one job already!!!

SO OK boring stuff over.
I am blown away this evening by one of my sisters - yep Rachie.
I totally took the piss and emailed her 36 hours before flying home - having been on the road for 7 weeks and asked her to go craft shopping for me.
Now some of you will know that Rach is an ACE shopper. In fact I have heard if their was a shopping Olympics she may win. BUT craft shopping in a US Craft Superstore come Cattle market this time of year????? I knew I was pushing boundaries................

BUT OMG Rach you came through sweetheart and I am SO chuffed. With Chest Infection and all you ventured to some unknown space on your last day of freedom armed with a list in a foreign language about ribbons, crop a diles, paper packs, brads ................................ I am guessing some lovely assistant helped you cos blimey you did good xxxxx
Heaven knows what you have bought but I am a mighty excited bunny and appreciate it MUCHLY.

So to any blogger who may think Rach is a Megastar (WHICH OF COURSE SHE IS) well hey I am also hoping she proves to be a MEGA CRAFT SHOPPER!!!
In fact I have spent hours shopping with Rach and never taken her into a craft shop so plan to do a rapid training exercise in the New year so future trips she may feel the need to go craft shopping .................... likely not!!!

Right well you may sense I am excited - (a) cos Rach and Pete are coming home and will be able to see my new house and catch up with copious amounts of tea but also cos (b) I now know she is armed with some serious craft stash

Right I need to get back to crafting - I am making an "all occassions" album for my eldest sister Sarah which is like a diary of events that need cards sending - and I plan to wrap it with around 30 cards to see them through the year ................... I will have the album done hopefully by tomorrow - but working late so may be a day or so before I post pics.

OH and did I mention I love Rach for shopping for me (although I am horrified that less than 2 hours after emailing me to say she was just out of bed she was back and shopped - I would have been there ALL Day!)
Ah well bless her little cotton socks for trekking out and keeping crafty Bex in supplies!!!!!!

Love to all and PROMISE to post some pics of Album for sis in the next couple of days xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Time to relax I feel

OMG I say that like I have been working hard which is a joke..........
But hey - did another event tonight-only 2 hours at the most fantastic health farm resort ......... reckon it could cost me as I now want to join after seeing a) the fabby pool and b) the fit men wandering about!

So I think I will call it the end of season for me on the craft market front. I have an opportunity of a pitch the weekend after next but all this lugging around of boxes etc is a bit tiresome .......... hard life I lead I know.

Besides - I have a HUGE list of things to make for family and friends so I may now just sit back and do that at leisure till the New Year.
I also need to get a website up and so I reckon that will give me the excuse to stay in the warm, event free!

Am really relieved to hear that Delbuts Son is OK - I was worried there for a while - It is a sick world we live in at times - so Del take a once only hug from me love xxxxxxxx I am not nice often but will be this once. In fact have a pint on me and I will chuck you the couple of quid at the next jam meet. Normal Banter will resume quick smart so get ready

Right that is all from me.
I am ready to unwind and chill out - and my sis is home next week which means for a bit of effort I can get nice free lunches. (Who said it was a good idea to move away from them eh? "Free lunches" are now like an hour away!!!!)
Ah well I reckon that will allow free lunch plus shopping in my book

Hope all bloggers are well and healthy and ready for the festive season which surprisingly seems to be about to bite our bums in the very near future!

Love and hugs - and hopefully I can get back to creativity now events are over
Oh - and any ideas of what to make Pete are wholly welcome - as I have promised all family they will get at least one handmade gift - fool that I am

Love Bex xxxxx

Monday, December 04, 2006

Has it really been that long!

Crikey I have well and truly neglected my blog of late - so sorry blog and sorry anyone who kept coming back only to find the same old post sitting there.
I will try to get back to daily blogging again!

Well i have been manically busy - I did a 2 day craft event this weekend that was a real laugh. My good ole man trekked all the way up from Southend on both days to help and it was SO nice to spend time with him chatting and laughing and eating far too many cakes and drinking far too many cups of coffee. Fab - think I might sign him up as my regular "elf" helper.

So what is new in the land of Bex. Bugger all I think!! I have another event on Wednesday which I think will be the last for the year - unless I decide to go mental and book anything else.
I have SO many Christmas presents still to make and have seen so many fab things on various forums and blogs that I am looking forward to just sitting and playing for a while.

I know a few of you have asked whether i have a website - well nearly! I am working away at it and hope to go live by the end of the week. I need to find out the International Shipping costs to see if it will be viable to ship to the US - but to be honest the exchange rate as it is at the moment may not be good for you!
So as soon as it is live you will know about it.
Right only a brief post from me as I am off out to a meeting.
Which I have been moaning about all day - as having spent 2 days in arctic temperatures I feel the need to hibernate in the warm ............ fat chance
OK no more moaning from me as I am actually very happy after having such a lovely weekend - and very excited to finally be able to stop making cards and make some fabby Xmas pressies!!

Cool bananas
Love Bex xxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, November 24, 2006

Another nowhere day!!

But thankfully it is not over yet so can still achieve something!

I have sort of lost a whole afternoon of playing due to next door having a gas leak. And I am VERY disappointed that all the men coming and going from my house with their testy type gadgets were old, do they not have hunks signing up to British Gas these days?
Will ask next door to request younger people when they come back on Monday

So have had a nice long soak in the bath and am now in PJ's ready for an evening of crafting.
A few sites launch Friday night challenges and I am HOPING that one of them is something up my street as I need a break from just cards!

Will report back if I manage to get inspired to create something wonderful

So here is wishing all Bloggers a lovely weekend whatever you may be getting up to

Love and Hugs
Bex xxxx

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Getting Nowhere ...........

I am having one of those days.
Achieving nothing it seems.

I am trying to sort out what is local to my new address - and what craft events are happening etc........... that was one good thing about Staines - I had a database of LOADS of events and was on all the mailing lists etc. I suppose the quality of events was a bif naff cos on the whole the Staines massive do not appreciate handmade cards - unless they feature burberry check ........
BUT I am getting not very far and am on the border of giving up.

So OK I will make some cards with a fab stamp I borrowed off my mate Sue.
So I have 20 stamped and embossed............. and it has taken me forever to paint them - and attempt to stick on silly slimy little gems (Yeah thanks for the tip Sue!)
Honestly - if ever I actually get to the point of turning them into cards - which will now be 19 cos I had a hissy fit with one of them and scribbled over it ................... well lets just say if I factor time into them I will have to sell them for about £19.99 each.
And oh - sell them where eh???? (No mention of street corners please - I am in a mood!)

So there.
A very enlightening post for you to read about my naff day.
And should any cards ever materialise I will share them with you just so you can give me loads of nice comments and i will feel it was worth it

Right - I am going to go into the kitchen and cook up something fab for tea - just to get away from the silly laughing girl that is currently staring at me on my craft table!!

Hope you have all had a productive day!

Love Bex

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Erm OK

So us crafters are a mad bunch indeed.

Recently there has been a bit of friction in craft land
Which quite frankly is sad

(OK regular bloggers you can ignore this post cos it will make no sense)

BUT I have thought about it and how silly it can all get - and then something my Mum said rang true .........
You can never have too many friends .............

And hey - I can never have to many craft challenges to play with!

Must be all that advice I was looking at eh for the Circle Journal Project! Gone to my head it has and made me a good person for a day

So friends here is my feeble attempt at your dare. (Oh is straight in real life but is late and dark lol)
Not a great effort - but I am in mass production mode - will play properly in future xx
I hope you are all well and enjoying your new venture xxxxxxxx
And for those crafty folk reading check out here if you want to play .......... but DELBUT and NEIL stay away ...........................
Love Bex xxxxx

Monday, November 20, 2006

Manic Monday

Sure has been!
As usual I left doing the Circle Journal project to the last minute ............. Sort of cos I am naff but also because the last week I have been busy building stocks up ready for the Crimbo selling season. So I am not beating myself up over it!!!

Anyway it is now complete!

So here it is!!!

Front Cover.
Welcome Page explaining the subject
Rules pages ...... I'm mean and people have to follow the colours of the rainbow throughout - so the DLO I have done is Red

Sadly I can't show you the Layout I have done - as they have to remain secret apparently till the circle of friends have all completed each others .......... shame eh?

And then at the back are 2 pages with tags in pockets for people to sign and date when they have added to the project.

So I guess in the next few days I will be receiving someone elses to play with and do a layout in............ exciting stuff eh!

Thanks for all your previous advice - definately got me focused and thinking!!

Love Bex

Friday, November 17, 2006

Happy Friday!!

Yey it is sort of the weekend - well nearly - well OK for a bum like me it is kind of always the weekend.............

Sorry I haven't blogged this week - thought I would give you guys a break from my drivvle!
But now I am back. xx
Thankyou all for your kind comments on my crafty stuff, much appreciated

So not really sure what I am doing this weekend. Probably crafting.
I am considering doing a big 2 day event in a couple of weeks - and to be honest if I decide to go for it I am going to have to live and breathe making cards until then ............ which could be nice - or could be a chore. Will have a bash tonight and see how many I can achieve and sketch out some ideas etc and will have to make a decision early next week.

I also am taking part in a circle journal - a book that is handmade and posted around a group of 5 people and you each decorate a page in the books to the theme given. So at the end each person gets their book back and have it completed with a page done by all the other members.
Now sounds good yes? OK posting day is monday for the first round and have i started mine - have I bugger.

So your task for today dear bloggers is to give me some help!
My theme -chosen in a random moment - is advice.

So I have to do a double page layout on this theme - which I am now not sure about!

SO do I take it seriously and ask you what is the best advice you have ever been given? Or have given?
Or do I do a piss take stance on it and ask you for VIZ / Neil style advice?

Think will probably go poignant serious on one page and VIZ style on the other?

SO Bloggers please give me ADVICE!!!!
Have a great weekend all and I may check back in and update over the weekend ..........
Love Bex

Monday, November 13, 2006

Extreme Crafting - nearly done!


OK the challenges deadline was extended until 8pm tonight so I am still busy trying to enter all categories ...........

Have just finished this altered canvass as part of Challenge 8 - thought my eldest sister may like it. It is 12 x 12" using Crate Papers - I did actually cringe cutting them up ............

Also completed Challenge 6 which was to do an altered notebook and post it pad ............

And ooh Challenge 7 - a Christmas card using beads ............. and a handbag charm ........................

And I do not have time to work out what blogger is doing with these pictures - will just hit publish and see where they end up!!

Back later with final entries

Love Bex

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Still Going .............

Well I was last night. Not sure whether I am up to another day of crafting!!
So I did challenge 4 which was to produce 2 gift tags. Not really happy with them but I think as my family rip pressies apart instantly my heart wasn't in it! So another 5 points gained .........

Challenge 5 was a bit of an effort!
To create a Christmas Scrapbook Layout using Red and Green colours. Black and white also allowed.
So after spending a good hour rummaging through photos and taking a trip down memory lane I found a picture from many moons ago!
Here is the page layout - it is sized 12 x 12".
I am a wee bit impressed with myself for doing my first ever hidden journalling. I have pictured the tag sneaking out of the side of the photo.
I think I finally GET this scrapping thing - for me the journalling I could do to go with this pic will mean something to and of my family that read it.
And it will make them laugh!
Basically we MADE my Mum do us stockings every year - right up until I was 21. And every year we would get the same in them - and every year we would laugh and tease Mum into making more of an effort ......... and every year Mum would swear she wouldn't bother next year .........
So my Journalling is a request to Santa listing the contents we would like to receive EVERY year without fail when we are older.

Anyway I am rambling .............. 25 Points gained for that effort so am now up to 60.
I think the next one is an altered notebook .............. Will have to look.
Love and hugs
Bex xxxxxxxx

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Extreme Crafting Weekend ..... cont ........

Aha so last night I completed the 3rd challenge - to alter a CD.
I haven't done this before and was a bit stumped to be honest!
So here is my attempt - thought my sister could hang it on the studio door when she is recording, or on the wall, or file it in that special place if need be!!!!

So yey another 10 points in the bag!

Now I am going to have to work hard tonight to catch up - Challenge 4 has been announced - A pair of Gift tags. Should be able to do that hopefully .......

Thanks for popping by if you have - and please say hi!

Love and hugs

Bex xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, November 10, 2006

Extreme Crafting Weekend

Oh yes it is. Over at Carolyns we are being challenged ALL weekend.
And I plan to totally enter every category ........ see how long that lasts eh! Now I am taking this VERY seriously you see. It is of course just for fun and to get us all in the festive spirit and ready for crimbo. But no - for me I am DETERMINED to get loads of points.
Now so you can join in I will explain. Each challenge has a points on completion. And you can do as many as you like. But obv. there are only so many hours in a day - may have to work through the night to do this cos people are also working mega hard ...........

So OK Challenge 1 - Make a Tree decoration. (10 Points)
Done - Mini slide mount. Front and back are both decorated identically. Pic is of my nephew Liam when he was a wee tot!

Challenge 2 - Make a card using ric rac. (5 Points)

Now for those not in the know....... ric rac is silly squiggly ribbon which whilst effective is a total PIG to stick down. Which is probably why I never use it.

But here are my efforts so far.

Now sadly I cannot have the points for the first one as I did this as a demo for the challenge and therefore it was done yesterday. See I told you I am taking this seriously

So points total so far = 20

And Challenge 3 has been announced.

Alter a CD. OK off to find a CD to change into something spectacular.............. ideas welcome.

And OMG tomorrow is my day of "elf duty" at a Santa's Grotto. Why did I volunteer for that eh? Will miss out on most of the day of challenges so will have to work hard tomorrow night!

Love Bex (Woman on a mission!!)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm in Heaven .................

Ribbon Heaven that is.

But before I go there - THANKYOU all for the lovely comments and feedback on my Calendar on the previous post. I have had many blushes and smiles reading your comments. xxxxxx
I am currently setting up a website to try to flog some of my gear to the discerning public - so when it goes live I will of course shout you all and plead poverty etc etc etc .....................

Right now back to ribbons.

My very good friend Sue has just come back from Florida. And before she went - OK and whilst she was away as well - I totally hounded her regarding the fact that I MUCHLY like ribbons. Coversation on msn very much like "Ah so you had a great time over at Disney RIBBONS" "Ah so yeah you are chilling by the pool RIBBONS that is nice"
Now I actually think it is VERY unfair that you guys over in the states can buy ribbon at such RIDICULOUS prices ........ But today I love ribbon so will not moan about UK rip off merchants .....

SO OMG look at my new ribbons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reels and Reels of them!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually feel guilty for going on and on and on - I only really wanted a few ................... and over here it is buy by the metre - and LOOK these are like REELS with multiple metres on ............. Blimey ..................

So check out my stash. And I have had to move my ribbons to a larger drawer ......... which is quite shocking. Although - to be honest - in the larger drawer there is still space for more - PHEW. Good news eh?

OK well Delbut, James, Neil contingency I would just like to clarify that these ribbons are for CRAFT use OK?
But even so I am off to stroke them and drool and dribble (Crafters will understand and not read into that comment btw)

OH and I have not yet mentioned the 12 x 12 papers and other bits and bobs ..............

SUE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Bex xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, November 04, 2006

For Rach

Have been a busy bee attempting to make a calendar for my sister - as well tbh I cannot think of things to buy her!
I originally thought of the idea when Carolyn launched a competition on the craft forum. And well I thought it was about time I made the effort to enter something!
So here is my Blue Pete effort for a calendar for her

So there you have it - be gentle with your comments please ..............

Love Bex xxxxxxxxx

Friday, November 03, 2006

Flat Tyre - Pants - And ooh look what I Made!!!!

OMG I sort of panicked the other day.
Went out to car .......... totally flat front tyre.
So Ok I only know 1 family round here and they are in Florida ..... what do I do.
OK I'll change it not a problem.

OK HOW............... I have always had mates that do this stuff. What do I know.
OK not a problem - that is what Google is there for.

So an hour later I have posted a minor panic on my craft forum (AND was surprised that people knew what to do which made me feel even more pants cos i was using being a crafter as top excuse) Ah OK one mate on there lives nearby and offered to come over ......... OMG I cannot have a girlie coming over doing this - I am a girlie!! I should know. OK gonna do this.

Right first stop google - basic tyre changing technique.

So google tells me to check spare tyre is "fit for purpose"
Ah now i think it is cos had to use it a year ago for a couple of days ................ So yep ten minutes later Bex is FILTHY and knackered from lifting the beast out of the boot ........ But yep looks OK to me.

OK Now what Google - come on what is next move ...............

Ah right Jacking up the car.
Fab my car has a kit in it with a Jack = I have one of those - all will end well eh?

Shit I am trying it each and every way and cannot see how on earth this is gonna work.
Back to google........................
Ah right I have a plate at the rear of my front tyre for the jack do I???

And why doesn't my Jack look like the ones in the pictures eh???????

AND what is all this crap about can't change a wheel on a hill????? Well hang fire here matey - I live on a hill - can't help that ............ Oh this is not looking good ...................

Google you are not making this easy for me.
In fact I am currently sitting on a kerbside about to cry looking at VERY sad car.

So what do I do? Do I cry? Do I hell
Do I instead go indoors and put on lippy, brush hair, put on nice shoes ....................... and go and stand on the roadside waiting for some poor sod to happen to walk past.

Sorry boys but I did exactly that. Luckily I Live opposite a filling station so I managed to pick someone in a white van who looked OK .......... Poor bloke ...............

And he was ace .......... stopped the traffic (with the help of two others - is a main road here) so I could do a girly 3 point turn (OK 5 point but I had a flat and everyone was watching) and my little car was then in the warm embrace of flat land in a filling station.
Whereby said nice man made me remove wheel etc but guided me in how to do it (OH OK that is how the Jack goes ............ blimey)
SO Now Bex is road worthy again ....................
Karma is good - and that guy deserves a bucket load - cos he was filthy and had to go back to work ..........................
And I now know exactly how to change a wheel ..............................
Two second lipstick update it seems


Love Bex
Oh and about to sort out some crafty pics for you - cept blogger is being a wanker so will try to psot them tomorrow morning!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Handmade Birthday Cards!

As received from my friends over at Carolyn's Forum

Thanks guys - they are all lovely

From Helen (H)
From HelenMc

From Jackie (Jake)

From Michelle (Mich)

From NZ Jane




Sue F


Love Bex

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oh Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello all

Sorry for my total lack of bloggerdom - I believe it happens on the day you turn 32..................
AKA Bridget Jones Syndrome .......................

So hey young single men shout here OK?

Right back to craft before I get myself in right old serious trouble!
OK I have a Major thing to show you all - but not allowed yet as I am entering it into a comp etc so have to wait til it is revealed before I can post blah blah blah

i also have piccies of loads of handmade cards received by cyber mates to share with you - will get camera out in daylight tomorrow..................

So erm shit this is a crap blog posting eh???
Promises promises promises ................. just pre-empting James ................

And so said the Lord - that is your lot

Back tomorrow with MUCHO goodies ............. well erm maybe if comp is revealed - ooh can still show BD card pics though!!!!!

Love and hugs
Bex xxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Birthday to .........


Oh yes it is that day of the year when I suddenly become a year older in numbers ..........
I cannot believe I am now 32!!! I feel about 19 still .................... reckon I always will!

Sorry for neglecting you little blog over the weekend - but I was suffering from LAZY weekend syndrome.

I am in the middle of a crafty project and will hopefully have some piccies to put up this evening - so check back!

Love and Hugs
Bex xxxxxx

Friday, October 27, 2006

Random Chit Chat

Tis what I think Friday Nights will become around here......................
Hey I can't be shoving up pics of creations EVERY day of the week!!!!
OK you got me - I have achieved VERY little today. Was a jobs day and a sit and chill day .............
I am sort of waiting for what dares /challenges will be released tonight to get my teeth into over the weekend ........ but then the danger is I have found a fair few sites offering them - so could be busy - or have to be selective - either way tis all good fun!

But even so I think I quite like the idea of random chat ................
So come on then - what shall we talk about? Well for me I am still on total cloud 9. I Love my new house still, feel totally chilled. My family and friends are happy - and hey - life doesn't get much sweeter than that!!

I have joined a local Lions group round here so will be doing voluntary work starting next week which is FAB. I do love doing a good deed - cos you get good vibes from both sides.

I know there is a fair bit of trauma going on in Blogland right now - and sorry if I seem so happy ......... but I have had my fair share of shit and all I can say to anyone going through it is ........... IT WILL Pass........... Honest. It may get very bad - BUT if you stay strong and fight it each day will get a little easier .........

Look at me - almost normal again!!

OK maybe not - who would ever want to be normal!!!!

So HUGE love and hugs to anyone having a total pants time of it - have a bit of my good vibes - I have plenty to share .....................

Love Bex xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Nearly the weekend ............

And not sure what plans I have. Part of me thinks active weekend of catching up with friends .......... the other part of me says "Hey winter is on its way, it is cold out there ......". So I will decide whether I can brave the elements and get out and about!

Had a busy and productive day today. Have done the mundane jobs like banking, food shopping, washing etc.

Ooh my order arrived today from Blonde Moments - DROOL. The Xmas papers are just fab.
I think I know what I am playing with tonight!

Not done a huge amount of craft related things today as the day seems to have just gone too quickly!
I was asked yesterday to make something "blue" for a friends Mum to keep her pens in by the phone

OK Blue paper I have much of ............... things to alter? Well i started out with a set of 4 metal buckets that I got in poundland - and oddly they were 50p............ That should have given me the sign that something was amiss.............
SO they LOOK OK. And I take off the outer fastenings to separate them ready to work magic on.
AND OMG could they have any more sharp bits of metal sticking out of them? Sorry Nic but third cut of fingers they went in the bin.
OK so now what do I have I can make into a pen pot ........... raid the cupboards ........ and find that the tub of Coffeemate looks fit for purpose. So OK it isn't an all singing all dancing 4 pot mega storage solution. But it should hold a few pens ...................

And then as the paper was out anyway I made a little book to go with it so it doesn't look too lonely.

And if you have bothered to read this far then please say Hi!

And there we have it -that is my Thursday.

Right off to play with new papers .....................

Love and Hugs
Bex xx

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Creative chaos overload

Is the only phrase I can think of to describe my afternoon of crafting.
I have SO many different projects on the go at the moment.

I have 3 categories still to complete for the Crafts by Carolyn Big Comp. AND I need to finish them by the deadline on Tuesday. Card entered, SB LO in progress, Altered Art in progress (Athough it will not be done in time me thinks - far too big a project!) Beading item -Not got a flippin clue.

I have 3 SB LO's on the go - well you see I keep seeing FAB challenges on the web and then start them ....................

I have an enquiry to respond to from a reader that is VERY exciting - but can't say too much

Some time ago I made a list of things I would like to make as pressies at Christmas - and I guess I need to start those ............................

I need to sort out my paper racks - I think they have become totally chaotic with the move etc and I can't seem to put my hands on what I am looking for at any given moment - trivial - but annoying.

Think I need a cup of tea and ten minutes chill out time with the Prima flower display............ which has multiplied this week somewhat!
Oh and I am hoping the Blonde Moments order arrives tomorrow - as I need those festive papers for yet another project idea.....................

Life as a crafter is tough eh?
Right I am going to go and have a bath and get into PJ's then attempt to complete at least one project tonight.

I'll leave you with a sickly sweet card I did as part of a template challenge ................

Love and hugs

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Friends .................

Well this is a challenge set by the fab Scrapbooking Blogsite "Everyone is Speshal" (see links)
And, well what can I say. I am not a scrapbooker ...... this is only my third attempt - but hey give it a whirl!!!
Some of you may just recognise the culprits in the pic ............. but then hey when talking about friends it is so much easier to talk to the big guys than humans sometimes eh? And for some reason I look at this pic and it says it all - totally comfortable to just be - even if it is for a photoshoot in the back of a camper van! And you can almost feel the trust there too ............

Sorry again for my photography skills - tis dark here and hard to get it clear!

Thanks for all your previous comments xxxxxxxxx
Oh and special thanks to Sue, Elizabeth and Alecia for sending me some ace pics of the Joes Pub gig to start another LO with!
Love Crafty Bex xxxxxx

Monday, October 23, 2006

Crafty Bex!!

Well I have tried to be today anyway!

You know those days when you just push things around the place and generally make a mess but achieve nothing? Well today started a bit like that.

Then I told myself off quite harshly! I mean I have events booked - I need stock - and I need inspiration .....

So I turned my attentions to the FABBY sketches of the very talented Becky Fleck (See blog link in links section). Trust me - if ever you need a bit of help getting started then these sketches are a Godsend. OK so quite a lot of the time the cards end up very different from the original sketch you are playing with - but that is half the fun! The sketches in themselves give me a starting point and focus me to actually make something ........

SO what have I achieved I hear you ask.
Well here goes - Sketch 1

And then the second attempt!

Now I am off to attempt to clear down the decks and see if my table is still under the current mess ............. then I may just have another go!

Hope you are all well
Love and Hugs
Bex xxxxx