Saturday, March 31, 2007


Well I plan to be!
So I have been browsing for challenges to turn out cards for stock.
And I like the idea of the new DCM challenge "Monochromatic".
Easy Peasy I thought.
BUT determined not to cheat and use any other colour was in fact hard! I tend to do "busy" stuff - and in one colour tone it looked naff .......
So a simple style for this one - of course in PINK!

I did plan to craft all day today but had an early start with brekkie with a mate which was ace - and then I may just have gone for a drive and done a bit of shopping ............ BUT back to focus and needing to make stuff with all my supplies!

And just found my next challenge on Carolyns which does ineffect translate to "use up crap" which is supposed to be my current mission!

So will report back with more pics tomorrow - need to get chill out now as have a friend coming over soon with a takeaway for a veggie evening - BLISS!!!!
Have a good Saturday night all x

Love Bex

Thursday, March 29, 2007

YEY!!!!!!!!! My Sis is home!

OK so I am trying to get in to this daily blogging lark - and I have no crafty reveals for you today so just thought ........ well what is good today?
Rach and Pete have touched down in good old Blighty safely - Phew.
I have to say that the ONLY downside of my new house / new life is that I am no longer 15 minutes from Rach.
It was so nice to be chatting on the phone and then saying "yeah lets do lunch - on my way in ten" Or as I was working from home I would even pop over for a half hour break and a cuppa.
Now it is kind of an hour and a half at least drive ......... which frankly screws the ad hoc cuppa way of life.
And as a result Rach hasn't even had chance to come and see my new pad - which is WEIRD! She is SO busy that it is so much easier for me to go to them, and also I think all the time I have lived here they have only been in the UK for like 3 weeks?
I hope she has been clever and bought me a gift .............
Or even a gift for my dog which is quite common practice .............
As for will I be at the RAH on Sat - Afraid not. I have plans this end and also Pete and Rach are extremely jetlagged so the last thing they need is family and friends being there and having to be entertained all weekend! So I will be crafting, attending a Charity footie match and perhaps going on a date if I am good! Oh and of course doing the mundane things like housework ...........

Love to all
Bex xxxx

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Boy Version!

OK so here is the Boy version - Not fit for sale I might add!
I managed to change the sewing needle from the broken one to the bent one ............ so dropped quite a few stitches - but thought I would play as a prototype.
The good news is that I will not be repeating this type of card (Inspired by my crimbo card from Sue) cos to be honest by the time I have stitched round nine squares, cast off etc, I could have made a duvet cover ....................
BUT I had fun making it and that is what counts!! So thanks DCM girls for the challenge
Right off to make tea xxxxx
Oh and have added "needle" to my list of weekend jobs!
Love Bex

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

DCM Challenge

OK been ages since I had time for on line challenges but this one caught my eye!

I have a bit of a fancy for making baby cards ................. and have about 80 odd made in stock .......... which resulted in a BAN on making any more.
BUT I don't have any for Twins!!!
SO when I spotted that Keryn over on the DCM blog had challenged to make a multiple birth card - well what is a girl to do!!!!
So this is the girl version ........ (sorry for bad pic - but you are used to it by now - a girl has to work and it is now dark etc etc etc)
The boy version is WIP (Just broke sewing machine needle at the last hurdle .........
And of course I am allowed to make one for "one of each sex"

I am aren't I? Please say yes? Cos I love the snuggly wuggly baby joyfulness!!
Love Bex

As promised ....... CJ pages

So folks here is "wot I did" for my first CJ pages.

OK so it doesn't show much as it is all hidden - sadly you will have to wait till August until it has completed its journey before I reveal it in all its glory!

I will say that the B is a concertina type thingy, and the C is a mini "Maze book"

OH and the first page looks slightly different now after I STUPIDLY put three holes on the wrong side of the page to bind it!!! DOH xxx Boy did I swear.

Love Bex xxxx

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Been a Busy Bex!

Oh Yes I have!
Meet the start of my next "Circle Journal"!

There are 7 in the group this time so I won't see this baby again for a long long time ........ BUT I will see loads of others to play in so that keeps me happy x

So erm here is my "mikey" inspired theme of

"A to Z of Totally Useless Facts"

I have started off with A, B and C ......... will upload pics of my first pages tomorrow
Now just need to get hold of a cropodile courtesy of my mate Sue to put holes in it and bind it! Oh and add ribbons of course xx
Hope the rest of the group like it!

Love Bex

Thursday, March 22, 2007

OK Change of plan!!

I have been planning a layout whilst at work this morning and have decided to do one all just with Rach cos she is of course fabulous x

NOW please don't think me cruel for calling her "fat and ugly" in my previous post - I have added further photographic proof that she was x
Only till about 2 though!! Then the transformation started!
I think actually that I am gaining far too much satisfaction from these pictures ......... I reckon it is a pure jealousy thing in that I was in fact mega cute and went the other way!!!!!!!
SO the Layout I have planned will incorporate a few pics of Rach - all with the same expression it seems ...............

BUT will also include a recent pic of her looking stunning as ever.

So strapline along the lines of Ugly Duckling I guess!!
So bring it on amigos!!
Love Bex

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Classic Pic to play with!

OK Folks - I have been starting to go through a HUGE box of photos to actually start an album for me to keep.
And I thought I would share this pic for the bloggers that find there way here via my sister and perhaps don't join in the crafting madness!

SO this picture is really making me laugh my arse off and I will scrap it into something stunning BUT I need your help with ideas for words/journalling please.

I will offer Blog Candy to anything I will use - so if you are a crafter something craft related ........... If you are a Rach blogger something Rach related. (OR if you would like me to make you something crafty - cool!)

I love it because of the following "traits" it shows ........ Just so you can be on my wavelength with your suggestions!
Firstly Sarah (adore her) was such a "golden girl" growing up - whereas me and Rach were naughty - and obv in this pic Sal is looking happy and smiley and being a good girl pushing the buggy (little swot)!
Rach on the other hand has the characteristic face she had for a few years - TOTAL GRUMP!
It could have been due to her being fat and ugly- who knows xxxx
ME - well I am doing what I have always done - playing it safe and not making eye contact with Rach when she is "like that". Instead I am comforting myself (in this case thumb sucking) in a vain effort to pretend I don't know she needs to offload!!!
AND can I also point out the funniest thing for me - Rach is not in fact holding a cuddly toy or something from fisher Price that denotes typical childhood toy. What is it??? A technological gadget? Was she already planning world domination and eyeing me up knowing I would challenge her????? Dunno - BUT I survived the "look" that time round eh!
SO comments welcome ......................... cos I read SO much into this pic I cannot think of captions!!!!!
And yeah they can be totally Rach related as this Pic is SO all about her obviously!!!!!
Love Bex

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Finished it ........

Oh yes I did!
So here is the altered canvas for my fabby Auntie Pat.
I'm not entirely happy with it to be honest - BUT it was made with love and I am sure that Pat will treasure it!
Well she better - Or I will stamp my little size 4 feet!
I had started out as doing this for Lisa's beady challenge and had pictures of Blooms with stunning beaded flower centres .......... BUT they looked naff! It could be because I am not a beader - or it could be that I wanted this picture just to be nice and simple and not destract from the photo. SO Instead I just added a few seed beads to one of the flowers - will have to see if I get called a cheat!!

Right back to cooking the Roast Dinner and making Thai Curry to freeze so that I can stuff my face on lush food during the week with no effort!

I hope you have all had a great weekend - I have - Just sad that it is Monday again tomorrow!

Love Bex xxxx

Happy Mother's Day

To all of you who are Mummy's - I hope you are being Spoilt

To all of you who have Mummy's - I hope you are spoiling them
To anyone who has lost their Mum - I hope you are having a good day with happy memories.
This is one of my favourite pics of My Mum (left) and my Auntie Pat.
I am busy altering it onto a canvass as a pressie for my Aunt. Will share when done! (If it ever is of course - you know what I am like!)
Hope you are all having a truly lovely day xxxx
Love Bex

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More pics for you!

As promised here are some pics of my efforts in my fellow team mates Circle Journals!
I will say now the pics are really bad - sorry but I sort of left every single one till the night before posting - and ended up taking pics at silly o clock in the night!
BUT you will get the jist of my efforts hopefully!
So my mate Sue had chosen "Perfect Moments" (Rules Pink Green and Black)
And when I received the journal Sue had done a fabby layout of her Wedding Day (which I was priveleged to be part of so it was very touching) x
Nick had done a LO of her experience of being abroad watching dolphins (Love dolphins)
And initially I was stumped!
I am not married, not had kids - what was / is my perfect moment?
Well I am a fairly happy person and have lots of happy moments - but for me it had to be about FINALLY moving from the house from hell and feeling safe and happy! And have I mentioned I LOVE my new town / house / mates!
So here it is x
To be honest I am so happy living where I am now that YES when I am at home with Maisie in my PJ's with a cuppa - well Life is damned GOOD!!!!!
So Onto the next one .......... sorry about pic quality on this one.
Nicks CJ - Favourite Book
Now INSTANTLY I knew my favourite book was Noddy.
Nick had done a lovely layout in her book which was full of text information and I didn't want to go overboard and change the style too much as I was the first page to be done in this one.
SO I followed Nicks lead and kept it factual and added my thoughts in a hidden tag on the second page.
Basically my journalling is my personal story of why I love Noddy - because of Mum. We have all been dressed as Noddy for various fancy dress things......... Mum always dressed as Noddy at her school on fancy dress days ........ Mum collected Noddy things ........ Noddy brings back SO many fond childhood memories! So I rambled on as I do.
I also had a flap that pulled down documenting where the Gollywogs are now and why they have been removed - but I won't go into that!!!
And then I received Susans Fab CJ - "Wonders of Winter" (Rules Blues and silver colour theme no photos)
This one really "got me"
Susan had started it SO beautifully - and Sue had added stunning pages .... and then Nick ...... and I was stumped for an idea of what to do!
Snowflakes, Snowmen had already been covered so beautifully that I had to THINK!
Then I remembered that Susan is ace at adding recipes to our forum and that she had shared a superb Winter recipe so Off I went ......... and included her own recipe and one for Mulled wine!
One recipe was added in an accordian style booklet - the other as a Tag booklet in pocket!
And I am sorry but I clean forgot to photograph my pages in Jackies "Nostalgia" Book!!!!
If I can get hold of any I will update another time xxxx
Thanks for reading this far if you have - and all those who have left comments previously - I will visit your blogs for a catch up and return the favour over the weekend xxxxx
Love and Hugs

Monday, March 12, 2007

12 x 12 Paper Storage Box

OK so I mentioned I had made this so thought I would share
12 x 12 paper can be a NIGHTMARE to store - of course not for me I have 2 fabby paper racks.........
BUT they cost loads and are only really worth having if you have LOADS of paper (which I might just have!)

A while back I was having a cuppa with my mate Sue (Bless her she only has ONE paper rack - poor thing x) Anyway we were discussing said paper and the fact that she was running out of room .......... so we botched up a Persil Washing Powder box into a very quick makeshift storage box. I have to say as a joint effort it really was naff - BUT it did the job (and is still standing which I bet this one won't be within a week!).

Last week i was at Sues having yet another cuppa and her Mum dropped by - the FABULOUS Greta. Now Greta really is a craft orphan when It comes to paper storage - she has NO paper racks ........ and it was decided that she needed some way of storing her lovely papers rather than just in a "Pile". (I will add though that this is the ONLY area in which Greta can be called a craft orphan - I am still in shock at her fabby craft room!!)
SO at the weekend I nearly binned a box I found - but then thought "AHA A storage box for Greta"! So I played and the pic above is the result.
I have to say it is much better made than mine and Sue's first effort........... I lined it and everything ...........
BUT then only the best for the wonderful Greta - I am secretly hoping she will adopt me xxxxx

SO technique for anyone wanting to make one ................

Find a box, cut it up, cover it in stuff xxxxxx

Love Bex

Sunday, March 11, 2007

CJ Detail

OK so better late than never!
Here is the close up detail of my fabulous Circle Journal.
Lots of piccies to look at for once!
I have also been busy this weekend making cards for people at work - and I made a friend of mine a storage box for her 12 x 12 papers.
Ooh and I still have the pages I did in other peoples books to share!
Ooh blogging this week is going to be easy.
So without further ado .........
My Pages

Jackies Pages

Susans Pages

Sue's Pages

Nick's Pages

The covers and sign in pages etc are in the precious post a few days back!
If you have enjoyed looking at these then please leave a comment - might just make me blog more frequently with interesting crafty productions!!

Love Bex

Thursday, March 08, 2007


OK no pics today - had an eventful Bex day and camera is at work still ............

So the ouch - I think I need LOTS of sympathy please.
Had a sore ear for a few days - OK so my doctor REALLY LIED when they said the teeny tiny cyst behind my ear was not a problem. So I trusted the Doc and Me and Sid the Cyst have lived QUITE happily for the last few years.

I have NO IDEA what I did to make him so angry but last night he went on one and decided to GROW.
Naff nights sleep in pain ........ but I soldiered on and went into work this morning. (I am gearing this up for mega sympathy by the way).
Anyway I moaned a bit this morning to work mates who admired Sid and said yes he did look angry ............
By 11 ish Sid had got LIVID. Ear was inflated to rather large proportions and I felt like I could actually do a Van Gogh and cut it off.

Anyway - by 1pm Sid was upsetting a few people sitting behind me who had a good view of him. He was indeed getting larger ................... and I was actually near tears in pain ........ (remember I need sympathy). SO my boss said as Sid was upsetting members of the team with his anger I really should go to casualty and get Sid sorted. (GP had no appointments)
So off I trot. And don't you hate these places? People are there with limbs falling off and puking everywhere and obviously ill - and I just have an angry Sid.

Anyway - they were lovely and totally understood why i was in so much pain .........
One HUGE needle and LOTS of pain later and Sid was drained and the pain was gone.

Of course I then went immediately round to my mate Sue for Tea and sympathy - BUT I have to say the sympathy was lacking - so bring it on please.

OH and Sid is not impressed at his treatment and is growing again at an almighty pace = and it really is gross what comes out with one little squidge!!!!!! Sid is not gonna win - he can shout and scream all he likes - he has a hole in him now and is doomed x
Lets hope these super dooper anti biotics see Sid off for good - cos he aint my mate anymore xxxxxxx

There - A lovely craft related post for you all after promising more pics today!!!!!!
OOH I could do a pic of Sid for you ...................

Love Bex xxxx (Needing sympathy - did i mention that??)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


OK Folks get ready for crafting OVERLOAD.
The project I have been working on for ages is now finished and I can finally reveal my first Circle Journal!!!!
I am SO excited.
My team really have done an AMAZING job ..........
AND this little baby has so many things to open and see more - SO for the next few days I will focus on one page and open all the ribboned pages etc - cos these girls are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!
Oh and as always pics taken in dark (BUT I am taking CJ to work tomorrow and camera and will do the girls justice for the daily reveals). xxxxxx

I chose the subject of ADVICE. (Yeah what a corker - knew it would give me some giggles!)
Oh and to add a twist I also set the theme of doing it in the order of the colours of the rainbow.
So I created the front cover above - and then the welcome and rules pages .......

I then had to start by doing the first pages - And so I was "Red" .............

And then I posted the book on to Jackie for her to add her "Orange" Pages .............

And then Jackie posted on to Susan to do the "Yellow" page .......... (AND this little baby has LOTS of detail behind doors you need to see!)

Then the journal was posted to the fabulous Sue for her "Green" effort ............ (AND I so should have put money on Sue being a smart arse and making it rude!!!!!! You will have to check back - another one that needs "doors" opening!!)

And then my baby headed to Nick for the BLUE pages ............ (Again detailed pics required!)

And of course everyone signed in to the pages that I had created at the start!

I have to say a VERY big thankyou to my team mates - I am SO happy with my completed Journal. You have all done an amazing job and obviously put a lot of time, love and attention into your pages. I am just totally humbled .................................
Love Bex xxxxxxxxxxxxx