Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sketch Saturday & JB Challenge

Well I have had a lovely few days away from work. Crafty mojo vanished and instead I have been relaxing, watching TV and doing boring chores. I made a couple of quick cards last night and plan to make a few more today
First up I have set a colour challenge over at JB Forum. A colour I rarely use which is ORANGE. I am determined to continue my quest to use up papers that I have had for a while and so here is the first few sheets gone from the Ambrosia range.
Sketch Saturday provided a lovely sketch to work with - kicked me into making a card as I do love a good sketch! Thanks girls.
I hope everyone has a lovely long relaxing Bank Holiday weekend
Love Bex

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Touching Base!

Just in case anyone is reading and wondering where I am.
VERY busy with work - I have worked 10 days straight and just home after a 15 hour shift!
Not much time for card making until next week when I will play catch up.
I have done a few challenges which by the time I photo in daylight and upload will be long overdue - I will update on Sunday when I am next off. (Unless I sleep all day) :)
Love n Hugs to all
Bex x

Monday, March 09, 2009

365 Cards - Day 9

OK a quick post from me today!
Back at work (Boo Hiss!) but not a bad day in the end. I will be back in the swing of things pretty quick as that is how retail is - but I may still sulk for a couple of days as is expected after a holiday!
So I am determined to keep up with 365 cards site, and todays challenge is to use scraps. Well i have quite a lot of these! And I love using them so a bonus. These are offcuts of Noteworthy papers which i have used quite a bit lately. And I still have new sheets to cut into so I guess you will see them again soon, but a few scraps turned into something new anyway.
The image is one received in a swap, and not normally my thing - but I have to say it was a fun one to colour in!
Be back tomorrow hopefully. Apologies for bad pic - it is very dark here - I will update on next day off. Love n Hugs

Sunday, March 08, 2009

365 Cards & JB Challenge

365 Cards today supplied us with a lovely sketch by Kazan of 2S4U fame!
Lovely sketch and I enjoyed playing so thanks very much. If you haven't been over to 365 Cards yet then it is well worth a visit!
Second up Lisa challenged us HERE to make anything using Brown Kraft Paper and bright colours. I actually had to go out to buy brown kraft paper and it cost me a whoppng 45p for a HUGE roll of it. So you may be seeing it a bit more!
And now I am feeling slightly depressed - back to work tomorrow and I have that Sunday night feeling that is intensified having just had 7 blisfull days off. Although I am not quite sure how they went so quickly! So back to evening only crafting for Bex until my next holiday - which I will be booking tomorrow as I quite like this not working lark!
Love n Hugs

Saturday, March 07, 2009

365 - Day 4

Ok I have sort of mucked this one up on 2 counts!
First the challenge is to draw inspiration from an advert. So I picked this image from Dulux to try to challenge me to use green, with a subtle hint of brown and pink ........ except i don't really do green, and although the light is bad I can't say this card is honestly green!!
So the Ad ....... And my "green inspired" card.
Sort of PMSL!!

Then I go back to the 365 challenge site to upload and see the edited details that we were supposed to use the ad they displayed.
Double oopsy!!
Ah well, I am ticking it off as it was all done with good intentions!
Love Bex x

Penny Black Saturday Challenge

Penny Black Challenge blog this week has challenged us with a recipe challenge.
RECIPE 3,2,1 - To use 3 Brads, 2 Ribbons, 1 Flower
Thanks for a great challenge!
Love Bex x

365 Cards Day 3 & JB Challenge

Running a bit behind with 365 cards which is not a good start in the 1st week! I am playing catch up gradually though as this is a personal challenge to see how long I can last!
So Day 3 challenge was to use Ribbon & Flower & Button.And over at JB Forum there is a challenge to use gems on any project you like - and there is a Gem Wheel up for grabs for the first player out of the hat next Friday! Pop along HERE if you fancy playing - all newcomers welcome. Right off to try and do another couple of 365 ones as I only have till tomorrow to catch up!
See you all soon
Bex x

Monday, March 02, 2009

Penny Black & 365 Cards

Penny Black Saturday challenged us to feature "something to eat" on our card this week so here is my entry. And it is Day 2 over at 365 Cards
Quite a tricky challenge I think - to only use 2 embellishments. Sounds easy enough till you try it! Ayway, I have made an acetate card which I am not sure about but I haven't cheated - only 1 bit of ribbon and 1 brad!
See you all later - this not having to work thing is great!
Love Bex

Sunday, March 01, 2009

New Challenge Blog!

And one with a great idea too! The site is 365 cards and the idea is a daily challenge to get all us crafters actually crafting. Excellent idea!
I don't know that I will be able to play every day but I have certainly bookmarked it and will join in when I can! Crikey - I really should try to do it daily, maybe if I use it to make a simple quick card every day it will get my mojo right into action! Anyway, today is a sketch challenge and I havekept it quite simple!
Good luck to the new site - I think it is a fab concept and will be watching with interest. If you plan to play along then please leave a comment here so I can touch base with you and get to know those who are playing! Right - off to get dinner on ........ and I am now off work for a whole week and am chuffed to little mintballs! (as questioned on this phrase - it means I am extremely happy!)
Love n Hugs
Bex x

Sunday, February 22, 2009

3 Challenges & Easter Bunnies @ Hobbycraft!

What a lovely weekend!
I have cleaned and sorted and also made a few cards.
First up Sue challenged us over at Just Bex Forum with rather nice template. You can see it HERE
I think I may have tweaked it a bit but Sue always cheats so I won't lose sleep over it! Second up the fabulous Penny Black Challenge Blog who set the challenge of making a Get Well Soon card using one of their stamps. So here is my effort.

Third up the Basic Grey Challenge Blog set a colour challenge with a few different options. I chose Pink & Brown and used Mainly Blush Papers.
And finally for those that listen to me drone on and on about how hard I work on stuff for work = and to date have shown nothing! Well here is my latest product I am championing ..... the Easter Bunny! I am such a child!!!! So pop on down to Hobbycraft and buy a bunny - they really do need homes for easter - specially if you are in the Basildon area as I may have bought in just a few :)!
Love n Hugs to all
Love Bex x

Sunday, February 08, 2009

A couple of cards!

The above card is for the Basic Grey Challenge blog. The challenge this week is to "mix it up" so I have used Ambrosia and Perhaps papers. Quite a simple card but the image is quite detailed so sometimes simple is best!

Second up I have set a template challenge over at JB - feel free to view the challenge and play along HERE

Take care all - I think we are due some more dodgy weather so stay safe x
Love Bex x

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Thawing out Tuesday!

OK would have sounded better if it was Thursday but today the snow is clearing and I am hping by tomorrow normal driving conditions will be restored!
So today I have mostly been doing nothing - relaxing!
I did make a quick card for the challenge template over at Friday Sketchers. A lovely template to play with so thanks girls!
I also had a play with a colour challenge for JB forum - to use pink and green. Another nice easy one for playing with :)

Now I am off to relax a bit more - I really have wasted today doing nothing which normally makes me mad - but today I am OK with it as I am off work this weekend so plan to play a bit more then!
Love Bex

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A couple of challenges!

First up Lisa challeneged us over at JB Forum to make a teeny card with a touchy feel, with s trip of something- and quickly! So here is a very quick teeny card using scraps from a card made yesterday! Feely element is the felt.Secondly is my car for the sketch over at Papertake Weekly challenge blog. Not really colours I would normally use but I am trying to work through old stuff! Right I am off to tend to a very poorly cat who has now been asleep on my bed for 8 hours ..... in between constant sneezing, snotting and general eye dribbles. Poor old man - he has cat flu, hopefully the chicken I am roasting will cheer him up a wee bit! He must be ill though as he has not swiped at Maisie all day!
Love n Hugs
Bex x

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2S4U - Take 2!

I wasn't too sure about the first card I made for the 2S4U Challenge site (see post below) so I made another one!
Still not too sure about it but it is a bit more of my paper stash used up and another card in the box!
Happy Wednesday to all
Love Bex x

Monday, January 26, 2009


A quick post from me tonight - I had a play with the challenge over at 2S4U
Definately a site worth checking out if you haven't already - the talent is Mega!
Love n Hugs

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rainy Sunday!

So when it chucks it down with rain all day that is a good opportunity to stay in and craft, well after you have done all the chores of course :)
Over at Basic Grey Challenge site there was a recipe. Which I think I have followed! Papers used are Stella Ruby

And the fab challenge blog that is Penny Black Saturday Challenge asked us to use a frame. Now I would have loved to make a frame for an image - but lets say me and craft knives do not get on! So I opted for a framed sentiment using a slide mount (Small cheat I guess!)

Now I am off to watch TV, chill out and get an early night ......... all this relaxing this weekend has me totally chilled out!

Love n Hugs


Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Crafty Afternoon!

I have spent a lovely few hours this afternoon playing and making a good old mess!
First up the very talented Sue over at the JB Forum challenged us to make something "clear". Her samples were stunning - a card, a LO and a mini album which can all be seen HERE.
I have acetate here but never made a card using it - a very simple one from me, I may try again and be a bit more adventurous!
Second up there is a challenge to use "Polka Dots" over at Caardvarks. Quite pleased with myself as I have used up some scraps of really old paper - the mountain is gradually reducing ........ should be gone by 2012 :)

Third up I found a really lovely new challenge blog that I would definately recommend a visit to! Right up my street as it is (a) Template based and (b) all designed to get you using your stash - old and new! So for the Sketch and Stash challenge I have made this card. Old - Blooms and paper, New - The rubber stamp coloured in wth my new promarkers!

Off to have a bit of a tidy up and may play again!
Love n Hugs
Bex x

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A couple of challenges completed

Well a busy last week at work, but I am heading into a weekend off and plan to play catch up with all the fab challenges I am missing out on - and I have loads of cards to make, and loads of stash to use up!
So moving on, firstly for Grace - a Pic of Maisie this evening trying to help me craft. Instead with her head on my craft desk staring at me I feel "watched"! I should never have moved my room round and given her access via the bed!
So what have me and my helper made today?
This is for a challenge set by Sue to use Bright Colours over at the JB Forum - access has been changed now so you should be able to view all entries in this link. And of course if you would like to join and play we would love to see you!
Second up a challenge for the Penny Black Challenge blog - to "go dotty!"
Well I had to buy a new stamp for the occassion - it is SUCH a hard life!
Pic is very wonky - but that is my naff photography - honest :)

Right off to cook dinner now then will play again,
See you all soon
Love Bex x

Monday, January 12, 2009

CPS Sketch

I really am not sure how long this crafting will last! I have probably beaten my own expectations by crafting up to day 12 of the New year ........ but I do plan to continue!
A very busy week ahead at work so a quick challenge from me tonight as I am up at stupid o clock tomorrow x
So over at CPS there is a nice little sketch which I enjoyed playing with :)
Have a good Tuesday all

Love Bex x

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Penny Black Challenge

Over at the Penny Black Challenge blog the task this week is to use pink and brown.
I absolutely love PB Stamps and have decided that as I only have a few I obviously need to go shopping and buy some more!
It's a hard life :)
Thanks for the challenge girls and I hope to join in more often - once I have been shopping of course :)

Love Bex x

A couple of challenges!

First up Lisa over at Just Bex Forum challenged us to make spmething "Old and Haggered". I cracked up laughing as I am feeling old and haggered but decided not to cheat by uploading a pic of myself ...... instead I made the above card and had fun playing with glimmer mists which have been unloved for quite some time!

Second up a sketch from Di Hickman - a very simple little card from me as I was using up some scraps of plain card.
Off to do a food shop and then I will hopefully be back to play a bit more before I return to a very hectic week at work tomorrow.
Love n Hugs
bex x

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Quick card!

Ooh I played a little bit!
I spotted a FAB sketch over at Caardvarks
The sketch is from the very talented Becky Fleck - I just love her sketches, they always work out unlike the ones I attempt to create!
As for an update in Bex Land ........ let me see..........
Work - I had the Annual Directors store visit yesterday, really loved the fact the Store Manager was off so it was down to me to give the right answers! Lets say I tried my best and I am still alive and no screaming phone calls today over anything so hopefully work is still OK!!

I am off this weekend and plan to play in PJS all weekend - so far I am doing quite good at this crafting as opposed to just working in 2009 if I do say so myself!

Love n Hugs

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Daylight ..........

Well OK it is dark outside but I have a daylight lamp now in my craft space so technically I am meant to feel like it is day time? Hmmm Light is brighter but it is not fooling me I am crackered still after a busy weekend at work!
But I am still on my crafting mission to play in the evenings rather than do work stuff ......... not sure how long it will last, my brain is still ticking with a long list of stuff to get done!
Anyway, first up I found a challenge blog called Stamp Something which hopefully I will be able to play along with as I like my stamps :) The challenge this week is to use something new - so new stamp bought yesterday! It looks very much like the leaning tower though, I think it may be me cutting it out slightly wonky rather than the design of the stamp itself!

And second up I have just played making a few cards using up paper .... I really am drowning in so much of the stuff. And yes one of my New Years resolutions is to gradually work through all the 6 x 6 pads and loose sheets of paper I have mounting up here. So I thought I would ask the girls over at the forum to join in and see if they could use some old stuff up!

Apologies for such bad pics but it is so hard this time of year to get good ones when you are out of the house 12 hours a day!

And now I am off to have a wee blog hop, and then off to bed as I am in work early tomorrow ........ no rest for the wicked and all that :)

Love Bex

Thursday, January 01, 2009

2 Sketches 4 U

A Fab sketch as always this week from 2S4U - I have struggled to do it justice and cut up far too many bits of paper in failed attempts! So a fairly simple take on it from me.
Happy New Year to all at 2S4U. I hope to join in more often this year!
Love n Hugs