Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Touching Base!

Just in case anyone is reading and wondering where I am.
VERY busy with work - I have worked 10 days straight and just home after a 15 hour shift!
Not much time for card making until next week when I will play catch up.
I have done a few challenges which by the time I photo in daylight and upload will be long overdue - I will update on Sunday when I am next off. (Unless I sleep all day) :)
Love n Hugs to all
Bex x


Hazel said...

Was wondering how you were - please make sure you take care x

grace said...

Oh Bex, I was wondering! You are working very very hard. Definetely take time for yourself on your day off. Put your feet up, snuggle up with Maisie and watch a movie, or just snuggle up.

take care, xo

Delbut said...

ooohhh, hello, you.

Delbut said...

Hi BEx. Mmm, know what you mean. Too much to do in the the real world, never mind blogger hell. Thought of you the other day when happening upon QVC or some similar channel selling crafting stuff. They had offers on all week. i was so impressed, i almost bought some stuff for decoupage ( Spelling????)I managed to resist by turning over to watch a re-run of Aufweidersen Pet. Such is my life.
Take care.