Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Is all I have done today!
I got up late - 10.30 - lazy Bex :)

I have an interview to prep for and have a HUGE list of examples etc to go through but instead today I have .......

Done all my washing
Tidied my bedroom
Poop Scooped the garden (nice!)
Pottered around watching kids TV
Spent 2 hours cooking a nice dinner
Had a really long soak in the bath and nearly covered upstairs in bubbles cos I got a bit carried away with the jacuzzi feature!
Erm watched the Footie - Liverpool let me down so now NOT impressed .........

AND STILL the prep pack is sitting here staring at me!
So OK how on earth does silly crafter Bex come up with examples of commercial awareness & analytical thinking & Dealing with change etc ...... oh and absorb and remember a huge amount of financial figures ..............
Oh and on top of that I am still trying to work out what time i need to leave home to do the DREADED journey to Gatwick Airport for 11am! At the moment I am thinking around 7am although at this rate it may be earlier to allow me time for a coffee and time to answer these bloomin questions!!!

Crikey - I am such a disorganised little wotsit!
Anyway, I am avoiding the difficult questions that I have to answer in order to look like a fantastic manager so off I go in search of some long words to put down :)

Or shall I just sleep on it and get up earlier than stupid o clock?
Thanks for all your comments - tis nice to know I am still visited! Ooh that sounds a bit spooky eh?!

Love Bex

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bex Reporting in!

Well hello to anyone who actually still comes back to read this neglected place!

Quick update for you all from the land of Bex.

Craft Update - I actually have made quite a lot the last week or so and in typical Bex style didn't bother to photograph it before giving it away! I had a few bits to make for my boss who was leaving on Friday and only finished them late Thursday night - you will just have to trust me that they were OK :)

Work Update - Not sure where to start! Still love work, still very busy - I have worked all weekend and am now starting to count down the days to my first holiday hours taken in 6 months! I have an interview on Wednesday for a job so keep fingers crossed - I won't say anything that will jinx anything cos I am weird like that! Hopefully some news will be shared soon!

HOLIDAY UPDATE - OK I am now a little bit excited! I am off to Prague with my Dad on the 30th and I am now getting that holiday vibe! It is only for 4 days but I am SO looking forward to it. I live at home at the moment so of course see my Dad loads - but 4 days away together will be just lovely. And of course I have researched Prague and seen the beautiful scenery .......... and the fact they have low priced lager ......... and beads ........... it will be fun!
I just hope that my step mum doesn't have 4 nights of my dog barking as I have never left her overnight before! I have a vision of the cats being kicked out and Maisie finally being top dog on/in their bed just so Sheila gets a good nights kip!

Right OK that is a brief update from me :)
Honest - to be a better blogger is on my list - it is just not anywhere near the top of stuff I have going on right now!

Hope anyone reading this is well and happy
As always love N Hugs
Love Bex xxxxxx (And Maisie!)