Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of 2008 - And a Happy New Year!

Another Year nearly over.
Time really does go by so quickly - it is kind of frightening!
So I thought I would end 2008 with a blog and a bit of a Bex ramble.
First up some crafting from today.
First up a Template challenge for the forum. Very simple for all of those who may have a sore head tomorrow :) Second up a challenge I completed earlier in the week for Papertake Weekly

Third up a clipboard for Katie at work to go with the planner featured below.

And now onto the Bex ramble .........
So much has happened in the last few years that has knocked me sideways.
I have finally found a career that I really love and that is a good starting point - although in 2009 I plan to focus on other things a bit more to get the balance right!
2009 for me - well I have made quite a diary of things I need to address and deal with. I won't bore you all with my personal life but suffice to say that I have a really clear head right now of what I want to acheive this year and where my priorities should be placed.
I am going to make this a really good year for me. (And of course Maisie!)
So I will leave you all with many good wishes for the year ahead, I hope it brings you everything you want from life right now.
I do plan to be around more this year in blogland ........... but as usual we shall see :)
Love n Hugs for the best things that 2009 can bring you all
Love Bex xxxxxx

Monday, December 15, 2008

A Little bit achieved

Well I cannot believe that it is Christmas next week. I really do need to get a wriggle on if I am going to get everything done in time. I guess I wouldn't be Bex if I was organised though :)
So this is what I made at the weekend for one of my team at work. I have a second almost finished and then I want to make one for me as well!
Using the trusty Bind It All I have made a planner to get us all organised.
I haven't over embellished it as it has to survive in a manic environment for a year. Thanks to Outlook I have printed out a full year Diary section.

And the ever important weekly planner section. We have crazy reporting dates at work as our Financial Year starts Mid / End of Feb and we never get to grips with what week / Period we are in. So handy little section with each week detailed for us to keep up to date and know where we are when we go into meetings etc! And only 2 pages a week of things to do - yeah right!

And then a blank Notes section for all the other things like doodling and playing Hangman

I have printed all the sections off ready to bind and decorate for Sarah, so off I go to get the second one finished.
And then I may get round to Christmas Cards ........ I think I only need about another 20.
As I said earlier - Christmas is ages away yet ...........
Love n Hugs