Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jeez I am CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK Guys so Bex back blogging with a vengance just did not work eh??
Things have been kind of hectic what with new job etc ...........
Oh who am I kidding - if anything they are less hectic! Go out to work, get home and tend to sit on my fat arse all evening.
Oh in fact I don't have a fat arse - I seem to have acquired a little one somehow ............... was out shopping for work trousers and ended up buying a size 6!!!!!!!!! OK American bloggers that is a UK 6!!! Holy Mother of fat arses where did it go????? Have no fear though - I am now spending copious amounts of money in M&S and mostly eating scrummy food all day - so arse is sure to return soon.

OK self flattery about finally being skinny over .........................
Actually no it isn't I need to harp on about it for a bit longer!!!!!
It is in fact very funny as me and my sister Rach have always had a bit of a routine going where one is little and one is a bit chubby. My eldest sister on the other hand has always been TINY.
So just how much fun did we have this weekend to all be together and find that me and Rach are in fact the same weight and lil ole Sarah is in fact the chubby one ....................
Think I will leave that rambling there because I am actually on the verge of laughing my arse off.

OK so what else is new in my life apart from working ...............

Well a HUGE THANKYOU to Rachel and Pete for byuing my Dad a flat screen thingamyjig that you load photos onto and they randomly scroll through - I guess you would call it a digital photo frame????????
Yeah thanks guys. It is SUCH a good idea to buy the man who has trouble sending an email a gadget like that.
Shame they didn't offer technical support with it really cos I swear that I spent about 6 phone calls and 2 hours yesterday very rapidly losing my patience with good old Roger while he farted around with it ................................. Good job my Dad can deal with the fact that I have a mouth like a sewer really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bless him - his youngest girl F'ing and blinding down the phone - will need to buy him a few pints i think!!!! (And the dummies guide to saving a photo to your PC)

Erm not much else new really - I am rambling like a good un as usual ............... and as usual have no photos to share. ALTHOUGH as this is a new blog and I am kinda missing my babies I will pop up a piccie of them for now.
So say a big friendly "OH HI!!!!!!!!!!!" to the little guys - Ralfie Poo and Maisie Moo

OK Guys that is all for now

Thank God eh????

Love Bex

Saturday, August 19, 2006

That Saturday feeling ...............

Well it has been a long time since I distinguished between a weekday and a weekend!

First week back in the real world completed and I am enjoying a very civilised Saturday.
Have just had a crazy idea that I fancied cooking ................... so just done a HUGE food shop and plan to cook up lots of nice treats for tea during the week - can life possibly get anymore exciting than that???? Who needs world tours and living the high life eh? Not lil ole Bex thats for sure.

Now I really wish I had something exciting to talk about - but alas I just can't think of anything. In fact at the moment I am thinking "Just why did I start this F'ing blog up again!"

To all the guys from CBC - I will try to curb my language now that I have announced where my little corner of blogland is - but I am certainly not promising anything .............

Neil - you totally cracked me up as usual - CBC is in fact a rather nice little corner of cyberspace that I frequent when I need to talk to fellow crafters as opposed to crazy Bloggers .......... and I shall keep the address secret for now because blimey - the stuff I get up to over there is just - well it is shocking. However Big Ted and that rather nasty rag doll with the stitched on vivid pink cheeks send their regards to you for remembering them.

Right now back to my exciting day off - think it is almost nearing time for a soak in the bath - and oh what the hell I may even go to the pub and have a pint of the strong stuff ............

Love and hugs to all and I will try to do something exciting over the weekend to tell you all about - if not I'll just have to make something up .....................


Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Ooh How Rude!!

Should of course have said a big hello to my fellow CBC mates who have now found me (I am really going to have to behave now guys!!!)

Love Bex

Thanks Guys!!

Ah right chuffed I am that you still talk to me after my pathetic blog delete and AWOL status!

So life in Bex world - Not particularly exciting but will give you a brief update anyway

Started work Monday and already I am exhausted.................. hardly surprising I know but jeez I need a lie in! Started at 8 this morning and even my dogs struggled. For the first time ever I managed to prepare their brekkie without being jumped at etc - think they were too tired to bother!!!

I am pathetic - BUT - I am missing the guys so badly during the day - and it is GREAT to get home and just lie on the floor with them and be attacked with pup kisses.

As for the job - jeez it is a fast pace environment and extremely competitive - not sure I have the killer instinct really, am going to have to toughen up a bit I think!! (Yeah I KNOW I pretend to be hard but those that have met me know I am a softy really!)

Not much else to blog about I am afraid as this week has to be all about work and getting into a new routine. Will sort out something exciting for the weekend - I am sure the estate I live on will provide yet another problem to deal with by then!!!!

So crap entry just to show that i AM going to take this blogging lark seriously this time ...................... and thanks Neil for "calling me back to the fold"

Much love
Bex xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK I heard that groan ...............

Sorry - not sure how I managed to delete my blog before - BUT this blog is very new and fresh and I am going to behave and not swear etc etc etc (Yeah right)

LOADS has happened the last few weeks.
I have wound down the business and am going back to "proper" work.
I start tomorrow as a Recruitment Consultant - not quite sure how I will be sensible for a whole day - but one hour at a time i think!!!

So this is a brief "hello" back into Blogland - not sure whether any of you will pass by this way - will maybe have to give you a nudge!

Hope you are all well and as always much love and hugs
Bex xxxxxx