Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ooh Yummy Paper Kit!!

OK So slack blogger Bex here :)
Honest Life is SO manic so please forgive lack of blogging!

Anyways - above is a pic of the FANTASTIC 3 Bugs in a Rug Kit N Caboodle "Tickled Pink" Scrapbooking Kit.
Trust me this is LUSH.
It contains 9 12 x 12 Papers(ALL of which are FAB)
A Monogram Alphabet over 2 sheets
A sheet of Die Cut Tags and Sentiments
And a sheet of fab Stickers

SO why am I posting this?
WELL it is the prize for the points winner over at the Just Bex Forum
So if you are already a member and playing - well you have a few days to complete more challenges and be in with a chance of winning.
If you are not a member - well hell - July is only a couple of days away so SIGN UP now and be in with a chance at the July prize.
Every month a fantastic prize is on offer - and all you have to do is PLAY.
Over at the forum we judge on sheer enthusiasm - and I LOVE it!! So come on over to my place!!!

Sorry PSML - I am so not funny xxx

Love n Hugs

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Forum Challenge @ Just Bex

I have done this LO for the latest challenge running on the Just Bex Forum
The Challenge is quite an easy one really - to make ANYTHING as long as it includes products sold by the Fabulous Scrapbooking Castle who Sponsor us.
AND the bonus is that they are looking for work to display on their website - Fab!
So I have used the great papers from Urban Lily "Urban Boy" Collection.
Honest these papers are LUSH and sort of make the page without too much effort!
OK must run - Another challenge to get on with :)
Love n Hugs

Oh Hi!!!

Hello Bloggers! Sorry I have been so slack at blogging lately x
OK so first up the above is a card I have made for Sue's Template Challenge on the Just Bex Forum. Nice and simple - I love templates for when you need to make cards and are feeling a bit "lost". I actually made 5 last night using this stamp and trying to make a dent in the huge stack of offcuts of paper I have! Won't bore you by uploading them all though :)
So Ok what has Bex been up to? Well life is pretty busy as usual. Work is good, I am enjoying what I am doing and it is so local with a great group of people - so as I have to work I really can't complain!
The forum is going from strength to strength and taking up a lot of my time.
I have spent a lot of time setting things up and now have a FAB team of girls on board helping to create inspiring challenges. And I am loving being able to play - well OK I haven't played much but will do!
As for this week - busy week at work as always.
I am also heading over to Wembley on Tuesday with Sue and her Hubby and one of her boys.
Looking forward to it muchly as I haven't seen Rach in quite a while.
Other than that not a great deal to report! And I need to go and CREATE as I have a HUGE list of Challenges to catch up with!
Hope you are all well, and I will try to visit blogs and return comments throughout the week x
Love Bex

Friday, June 22, 2007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sorry Folks!

I kind of vanished - only because life is so busy - I am fine, thankyou to those who were concerned x
Life is still manic what with work, the forum etc. But all good.
WELL it was till I had the ill fated appointment with my Dentist last night to extract a problematic Wisdom tooth ............

I should SO have known it would be bad - hell you couldn't even see or feel the tooth - and really should have taken one of the options of offer ....... valium, sedation - you name it. BUT NO Bex does the it will be OK thing. Just give me a local............
Well it is OK now so do not panic - BUT the last 24 hours have been pretty bad!
I won't get graphic but lets say it took an hour and was not pleasant. And I was up till 3 this morning dealing with the aftermath ........ But a day in the office moaning helps :) Yes this little soldier went to work with a swollen bruised face - ooh I am a workaholic afterall!

Then I just read something on line that upset me - but hey life is too short and it is confirmation of something i already knew - so no biggie - just closure over something that was upsetting me.
BUT life really is too short and I am very lucky with my life so will wake up tomorrow and smile all day xxxxxx
I am off to bed now as really tired and still very sore. But I have a free weekend this weekend and i really will add a full blog update to my list - which is very long :)
I hope you are all OK
Love and Hugs

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Another Challenge

Crikey the forum is really BUZZING with people playing along with the challenges - and I am seriously chuffed at the constant FANTASTIC work being displayed, They are a seriously talented bunch of artists!
So following on from that gush here is a card I have made for Sue's latest template challenge.

I am playing SERIOUS catch up - there are so many challenges I still need to do - and I actually want to do all of them! Hmmmmm I'll plod on and see how I go!

Love Bex x

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Forum Binder Project

Over at the JUST BEX Forum there is a monthly project.
This month is to create a Craft Organiser.
I have completed this weeks part which is the actual binder - next week we will be starting to fill it with our first section.
Sorry for the brief blog but I am already an hour late to an engagement party!
Will do a proper catch up tomorrow - but life in Bex world is good xxxxx
Love N Hugs