Sunday, January 28, 2007

Still Playing!!!!

I have decided to start an Album of my nephew Liam.
He is so treasured within our family and is such an adorable little 6 year old boy. I love him to pieces.
So OK - I have 6 years to catch up on - but got to start somewhere!
So this is the starting point! Apologies for bad pic - but the light has gone now and I won't see it in this house again till Saturday .......... roll on Summer!
Sarah and Liam went to see Santa in Lapland this year and I started by printing off 4 pics.
Got a bit carried away with the old embellishing so think it will have to add another page and turn it into a double layout .................. cos obviously we need pics of the reindeer, Santas House, the Sled rides etc .
I have to say I LOVED Liams letter he gave to the "Real" Santa. It reads:
"Dear Santa, I would like a cute ginger and white dog. And a brown monkey and a fishermans outfit for bear. Love Liam"
Clever Sarah photographed it before it was handed over to Santa so have been able to add a pic of it to the layout. Crikes Liam will cringe when he is older!
Sarah did panic for a moment that Liam was seeing the real Santa and was seeming to be asking for a dog (that sounds incredibly like my dog!) ................ but it turned out he is going through a cuddly toy phase so Santa was able to deliver the list! PHEW ...................
So all in all I have had a lovely Sunday playing ............ Off to have a soak in the bath now and get into PJ's and sadly will have a week of work to be done before I can have another crafty day .......... ALTHOUGH I do of course have evenings - if I get organised!
Love and Hugs to all
Love Bex xxxxxx

Saturday, January 27, 2007


It's all about me it seems
And so it should be - I am FAB!!! (Yeah OK I made that bit up .........)
SO why do I say this?
Well because I have been quite content in my cyber craft world until SUDDENLY everywhere is asking for pictures of "me"
2 Forums have set challenges to do Layouts on "Me"
There is talk all over craft land of "book of me" which sounds ace (I do plan to start one .....)
Even here in my little safe corner of blogland there has been talk of me and what I look like
SO for the first time ever I have scrapped a Layout of ME.


So, sorry Delbut but your pictures are now worth nothing - you should have cashed in when you had the chance.

SO here is my play effort for today....................

I really struggled with words about me ............ but then when thinking of nice words about ourselves who wouldn't.............So in case you can't read them - cos it is mega dark here now - the words I chose to use are Fun, Creative, Loving, Loyal, Silly.

Thats me really
Hope you like - Oh and have jumped on the latest scrapping sensation photgraphy style that appears to demand multiple pictures ...................

So go gently guys - this is me - and fairly recent - August last year xxxxx

Hope you are all well and happy xxxxxxx
Love Bex

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hectic - BUT VERY happy xx


I am struggling to adjust to my new busy life which leaves less time for "peeing about on line"!

My "Mundane" job has become quite a laugh and already am taking on a lot more responsibility which I like (AND I am so proud that a HUGE crisis struck at 5.16pm tonight and I left at 5.48 with the view that I will face it tomorrow - BIG step for me!)

Life is good. In my Mon to Fri job I have met some TOTALLY on my wavelength people - and as is the office environment some "erm not"
It is very funny really. I am part of a group of about 12 people. Although directly on the project I work with there are only 2 of us.
I did clock fairly early on the office tension - not sure why it exists - but lets face it - it exists in every office in the land I think!
ANYWAY 2 weeks in and I have been assigned to the "side" that I will be on.
OK so we are fairly split - but the other team is stronger in the "I'm only 20, I dress like a tart every day and the boys in the warehouse love me"
Our team is stronger in the "Ooh we can have an intellectual conversation"
It cracks me up
Anyway - in "our gang" I cannot believe that I have 2 new mates who are SO on my wave length. Catherine is from South Africa and has the MOST awesome accent - I love it (although apparently I have the accent not her"). She is fully qualified in Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Yoga etc etc and does it as a sideline to the "real job"

Vanessa is drop dead gorgeous and an artist. She paints the most amazing abstract art and sells her work through various galleries.
And then there is me with my creative play on scrapbooking and cards.
The 3 of us have so much in common already in the fact that we can all take each others hobbies seriously.
We have planned a girly day next weekend to spend with PJ's, a bottle of wine (or maybe more) and our skills to just chill and play - I am one happy bunny. I get to paint, have a massage and let the girls play with my stash of ribbons and paper!
When I lived in Staines I was surrounded by people SO different from myself that this is GOOD NEWS!!!!!
OK on the craft front - I have been fairly productive!
I have found a new toy in the "sewing machine".
I need to practice but have put attempt one and attempt 2 up for you to look at!

I also completed another page in the Circle Journal that I am part of - topic this time round was "Perfect Moments". Sadly cannot show this as the other people may read the blog and it will spoil the final reveal ........ Pants i know!!!!

Right I had better get a wriggle on and do something away from the PC - I have 4 commissioned cards to make for work tomorrow (done 2) and also have been asked to write up a class on Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks by a craft forum - so busy busy Bex!
I really will try to blog more - but with adjusting to chaos I only have Sundays off so may take me a while to get a routine going!
Hope you are all well - and If you have stopped by and got this far in my momentous drivvle please say hello so I can come and read about you!
Love Bex xxxxx

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Totally fab day today.
Lets just say Bex is one Jammy Dodger. Love it!
Can't be "bovvered" to type out about my day so feel free to read it via the Lovely Fabby Ace Mate Sue ....... although ignore her comment about me being scary - of course I am NOT - I am a sweet cherub xxxxxxx

So my craft day on Sunday is looking MEGA exciting now xxxxxx

Love Bex

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ah Looky Looky

OK fellow bloggers I have been SO busy - not much time for blogging.

New job is pretty mundane to be honest - BUT it is totally doable in my sleep and the people are really nice - and I can nip home at lunch for cuddles with Maisie so it is fine for now. Also the guy I am working with is pretty cool - my kind of person so all good.

And yes Del - you are of course partly right in that I am am fluffy database friend / fiend. BUT I also get to strutt my stuff in a warehouse FULL of techno nerds and beg them for favours - so right up my street xx (A few of them are mighty fit eye candy too .......)

My other job - waitressing - is of course ACE. LOVE IT. The people are FAB, the outfit is run so well that service given is ace - and tips are ace. So hey - I go to work laugh LOADS, work hard - and my tips go straight into a pot to spend on craft stash. HAPPY BEX!!!! And I have renegotiated hours now to have every Sunday off. PHEW. Bex needs a lie in at least once a week!

Right the pic is of course my super Paper racks in my craft room. Am in the middle of a BIG sort out - thanks Sue and when are you coming to help??
OK so I am addicted to paper - BUT unlike some I have NO problem cutting and using it. Hell you just buy more right??

SO Sue - Just for you - Ooh looky looky I have 2 racks .....................

And I will leave it at that in the bragging factor as you have kindly been shopping for more paper for me today so love ya totally xxxxx


I WILL show craft stuff soon .......... Sunday is craft day after all (I was poorly on last Sunday so have a permission slip honest!) So this Sunday I need to ............ complete a CJ entitled "Perfect Moments" tricky. I also need to sort out a box of cards for work as people are asking for them already ................ I also have Ems challenge to do the 2006 layout - although I have done one page and will share when I take a pic in daylight Sunday.

And I will leave you with a pic of my adorable munchkin. She has sadly found the paper rack and learnt to pull off a sheet to "play with" when no pigs ears are available................. I am still grieving this particular sheet of Crate Paper and this was taken about 6 weeks ago ............ although time is a healer and i will be over it soon .............

Righty ho I am off to do a bit of tidying up before another day at the office

Love a VERY happy and VERY contented Bex.

Did I mention 2007 is MY year????? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Quick Update

Hiya all
Just a quick post from me with not much to say .........

James - OMG I cracked up - yes me and Rach do love the photography through letter boxes game. And yes of course I have spotted Delbut sitting on the roof of the BP Garage opposite ..........

As for me - still feeling a bit crap to be honest but am charging my way to world domination like a world dominating charging Bex should.

I start a new job tomorrow - not really sure what it is except they are an IT company and it is in a sort of Project Management training role - guess I will find out at Stupid O Clock tomorrow.
Worked tonight as well - in a local restaurant. I LOVE waitressing - Sad or what?
Mind you I am not sure what will give as although it is important for me to be out working and earning money and meeting people in this lonely old town I have moved to - I don't want to end up with all work and no play!

We will see what happens ...........

Will update at the weekend when work is clearer and I have time to think!

Love to all
Bex xxxxxxxx

Saturday, January 06, 2007


OK I really need to address my severe lack of photos this year.
Not only do I never take my camera anywhere - I also NEVER allow pictures of me to be taken.
Not sure why - but I am totally camera phobic!!!
Mind you I suppose the fact the people (Delbut) have been known to white box my face out of pictures does say something (No need to change Del - am grateful!!!)
SO anyway. This year I am pledging to take my camera on my journey through the year. I mean what else am i going to do scrapbook pages about eh?

I am currently trying to work on a layout for a challenge about 2006. Which is quite hard when in 2006 I have about ooh let me think - 10 photos. And only one of me - which is as usual DIRE.
Mind you I did start playing with the photo of me and one of my sisters in a vain effort to salvage something from it. And I suddenly realised that me and Rach really do have Mums eyes.

Many say we are alike - I'm not so sure. We are VERY alike in the way we talk and our mannerisms but Rach is definately Dads side of the family and I am Mums (I think and everyone tells us this) Sarah kind of is more Mum too I think.

So I will at some point this year let the camera reveal my identity but in the interim this is all you get xxxxxxx

Love Bex (No I am not THAT ugly that I have to hide - HONEST!!)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Still Alive ........


Feeling a bit sorry for myself today as I feel rotten.
Not sure with what - perhaps it is a bug - but I ache and feel about 95. In fact make that 100.
Serves me right really as I was pretty smug yesterday about being in full health whilst the dreaded lurgy takes a swipe at everyone else ...............
No sympathy required - I am a strong old bird and will no doubt be fine tomorrow.

Right so what have I been up to? Not a lot!!
Still trying to work out what direction to go in with work. I keep changing my mind as to whether I want to work to survive - or whether I want the full blown career thing again.
I am sure though that I will work it out the minute those job offers start hitting the table.

As for crafting. Well been a bit lame I have.
Was set a challenge yesterday to do a SB LO about 2006 - and have sort of got 3 on the go. Was hoping to finish some today but did I mention I feel like I have done ten rounds with Mike Tyson??

So tomorrow it is then.

Will update soon - well I always say that don't I!
Love and hugs to all and hope you are having a good start to 2007.
Bex xxxxxxx

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I HATE this new blogger!!!
It has just taken me about an hour to get logged in - and deleted a post - and I am mad!!!
In fact I will come back and blog later - and see what else I can delete and muck up in the meantime
OK and now no comments facility - this is naff - I wanna go back in time and not change over!!!!!

Bex (Blog don't wanna play)