Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just Bex Challenge Prizes

Well the Big Challenge week at the Just Bex Forum is now over and people are frantically sorting out the votes for their favourites.
So for those that took part these are the prizes ready to be dished out at the results evening .....
For those who didn't take part we will be holding another one very soon so why not pop along and join in the fun?
Making Memories SB Kit

Studio K Accordian Kit Amy Butler Chipboard AlphabetMaking Memories Blooms (I Lurve these!)Papermania Chipboard AlphabetPM Spring Brads 1Making Memories Sweets - B&W FlowersMaking Memories Sweets - Red HeartsK&Co Glitter AlphaK&Co - 6x6 Paper PadMaking Memories Pebble Brads (Love these too!)K&Co Bubble Dome stickersMaking memories Chipboard AlphabetPM Spring Brads 2 Imaginisce Bird StampRed Button CollectionOrange & Green Ribbons & Primas

MM Flower Brads
MM Antique Brads
Black Button Collection
And that is it for now! Winners and prized to be announced soon :)
Love Bex

Thursday, February 21, 2008

HSMS - Confused!

OK so I thought I would put the brand new camera to use and actually start to try to improve from bad to poor!!
So I checked in on the HSMS site to see what the latest prompt is.
Today it is "Confused"!
Well, OK Jaws above is actually quite confused at the moment.
All his mates are chilling out in the cold weather and mostly at the bottom of the pond.
Jaws however is very much alive and wanting to feed and suck fingers ....... yeah I know it is gross but he is quite cute and I do tickle his nose every morning whilst having a fag!
So here is Jaws yet again confused as to why I am not hand feeding him loads of food.
Don't worry Jaws - it will soon be feeding time again x

And for anyone like me needing to get the camera out and learn how to use it - or even just use it ...... HSMS is a site to visit!

Love Bex

Monday, February 18, 2008

OMG another blog from Bex!

I am getting good at this blogging lark ........ in fact I think I might become a regular :)

So what have I been up to? Well today was work as usual - lets leave the work talk at that.
Now to PLAY time.
Got home to a nice King Prawn Stir Fry - YUM - Happy Bex.
So tonight I have been playing with one of the challenges over at Just Bex Forum (Great forum - we share the same name :))

So can we make a present for someone?
SURE I CAN. I love making presents.
So I chose someone VERY SPECIAL and thought I would make them a Photo Cube from the white box ^^^^^^ up there.

One more side still to do and apologies for the pics but tis dark here now.
Oh and on the last one I think the middle of the blue flower has fallen off - PMSL - I SO should leave things to dry before mauling them and taking pics. Anyway there was a rather nice MakingMemories "Adore" thingy in there - I will repair it before I wrap it up and give it to ......


Like who else would want pics of the stinky Maisie by their bed????

As I said, I love presents i do xx
Love Bex

Sunday, February 17, 2008

More Challenges!

Ooh I am having SUCH a nice lazy Sunday!
I have been playing with the challenges over at the Just Bex Forum
We have a big challenge weekend running and I still have about a billion to complete but I am working my way through them!
This one is to take inspiration from the following picture and incorporate it into a card or LO. I have gone for a card as (a) I have LOADS to make for the shops I supply and (b) LO's just take me ages and I am on a mission! So here is my take on it - and I have made 6 for the shop.
The next challenge I have tackled is this weeks DCM dare.
I may have slightly cheated but I am sure they will let me off!
The dare is actually to make a card for someone you love featuring love or friendship. Well I am not sure that I love anyone enough to make them a card :)
So I have opted for Friendship as I am in desperate need of some boys cards!
So yep I am a cheat - am I bovvered though? Nah!!!!!
Right must crack on - loads to do, not much time and all that xx
Love Bex

For Grace - A Maise Photoshoot!xx

Well I thought I would try a Maisie photoshoot as it is such a nice morning.
BAD IDEA - She is a naughty minx and clearly doesn't like the camera!
So here is Maisie totally ignoring the "come" command. Ah good she came. So hence the Sit command

Now OK Maisie I know you love Mummy but stop the squinty eyes ........ we want to see those big brown eyes!

Nope Maisie you still don't have it right - I know you love me and are giving me love blinkies but OPEN YOUR EYES!

OK out comes the tongue - such a rude girl :)

AH Here she is!!!! My gorgeous little girl x
Think I will get the camera out again when she is asleep - SO much easier!
Right back to crafting - will be back again later x
Love Bex (And Maisie) xxx

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sunny Saturday!

Wow it is such a nice day here - blue sky, sun out and nice and crispy cold!
I LOVE days like this - I have taken the dog to the park and had a good play with all the mucky stinky little (and big) dogs that we met.
I have started far too many craft projects - so now my room is a total pigsty with half finished cards, canvases and LO's all over the place ........... ah well there is always the Guest Bedroom to sleep in!
So what have I achieved ....... well not much really. I have stopped starting new challenges and tonight will focus on finishing the ones I have started!
I have made about 20 Mothers Day cards for the shops I supply - though quite why I did them without fitting them to challenges I don't know!
Anyhow here is one that fits one of the challenges over at the Just Bex Forum.
Set by the fabby Sue the challenge is to incorporate a ribbon, 2 blooms and 3 patterned papers into a card.
Hey Presto - not a cheat in sight :)
I will be back either later tonight or in the morning with more x
Love n Hugs to all
Bex xxxxxxx

Friday, February 15, 2008

Is Bex Back?

Hmm I might be - I have decided i am going to TRY to take this blogging lark seriously ........ so please do check back for the next week or so and see if I manage to keep this darned thing updated!

So in Bex world what has happened?
Well I have mostly been on a First Aid course all week.
Lots of bandages, lots of fake nasty role plays where you feel like a total plank. (I HATE role plays)
Lots of information to absorb ........
Lots of lying on the floor being pulled into the recovery position as I was the tiniest!
Lots of food - I knew it would be dull so did a HUGE junk food shop and went on a mission to eat my way through the week. I have put on 4 pounds in a week - FAB.
And then today I had the nasty assessment day. Normally I am fine with stuff like this, exams and such like ........... but when it comes to first aid it brings back memories of college.
I had to do a 26 week First Aid intensive course and it was HORRID.
On exam day out of 20 of us only 8 passed (Luckily I did) and the rest had to redo the entire 26 week course again.
So yep - me and First Aid courses have a history that instills fear in me.

So this week i have been confident, fine in fact.......... I already knew the info - hell 26 weeks of it is enough not to forget the basics to see me through a 4 day course.
But OMG did I shake going into the exam!
Nasty nasty stuff and luckily I passed and can return to work as a qualified first aider (DO NOT injure yourself in my store as my skills are pretty shite, my "bedside" manner is worse!)

So now I am relaxing and getting ready for a weekend of challenges over at Just Bex Forum.
Tis fab - there are loads of challenges and I have done no work towards it so can play with them all like the rest of the gang :)

Right will head off now and finish my well deserved glass of wine x
I WILL be back tomorrow - pwomise x
Love Bex xxxxxxx

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Quite Simply Knackered

Is what I am
So I am sort of sorry for lack of blog updating.

Some things have to come first though and at the minute I have multiple things demanding my time and energy - which is seriously lacking!

So yep I am OK, Busy at work, busy with family demands, busy with most things tbh.

So I am around, I plan to be around more as always - but for now I will just check in and say a big Hi to anybody who happens to stop by expecting an update xxx

Love N Hugs